Former WWE Diva Terri Runnels Steamed Over Vicious Allegations

New Jack and Terri Runnels recently called it quits on their near two-year relationship. The break-up has since turned nasty as the former ECW star alleged to numerous colleagues that Runnels contracted and spread a sexually transmitted disease throughout the wrestling industry.



The former WWE Diva is speaking out against his vicious allegations, which she adamantly says are lies. She wrote on her Facebook account: “I said I wouldn’t lower myself to that of others…however one of two things are about to happen! Either a retraction of lies and defamation of character OR THE ENTIRE TRUTH WILL COME OUT….I REITERATE THE WORD TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LAWYERS STANDING BY! God bless all and don’t ask questions because as I said I will not lower myself to that standard…unless the truth is cleared up completely!!!”

She continued, “Please don’t make this about race…I don’t love based upon color…instead upon heart and soul. But don’t hurt my child or lie about me. I don’t play that! I will still try to keep myself above the nasty fray of lies! Life is TOO short to try and hurt others…I’ll take a different road. God bless ALL!!!”

Runnels also revealed on Twitter that she recorded threats made by her former partner.

“TRUTH or CONSEQUENCES!!!” she wrote. “Don’t lie about me and expect me to stay quiet. All threats recorded for over a year…truth or nothing!!!”

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