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‘WWE doesn’t own pro wrestling’: Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes

In a lot of ways, Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks have challenged the monopoly of WWE with their upcoming ALL IN event by selling out a 10,000 seats arena.

In the latest episode of their ALL US series, Cody talked about their upcoming mega event and where it stands in the current wrestling scenario.

Cody said that WWE is good at what they do but they don’t own pro wrestling and their upcoming show is going to show the alternative of wrestling other than the company:

“It sounds cliche but WWE does what they do and they are great at it, but for all the great things WWE has done, they don’t own pro-wrestling. Pro-Wrestling can look different ways, it can sound differently and I think with All In you are going to see what is that alternative.”

Apart from this, Rhodes also revealed there is an ALL IN match that they have not announced yet and they won’t be revealing the match order of the show either. You can check out the full episode in the video below: