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WWE Fastlane 2016 PPV Results: Ambrose vs. Lesnar vs. Reigns

Show: Fastlane

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Date: February 21st, 2016

Airing Live On The WWENetwork

Renee Young, Corey Graves, Booker T and Jerry Lawler welcome us in for the Fastlane Kick Show. They talk about how this is the final show before WrestleMania 32. Lawler predicted that Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose will turn on each other in the main event. Graves believes that Charlotte and Brie Bella will steal the show. A video package to hype the Divas Title Match is shown. 

A video package to hype the Divas Title Match is shown. Paul Heyman joined the panel and discussed the main event. Heyman promised that Brock Lesnar would win the match and go on to beat Triple H for the WWE Title at WrestleMania 32. Heyman said that he was not worried about Reigns or Ambrose. However. Heyman made it clear that Lesnar is not looking past Reigns or Ambrose.

Lawler predicted that Kevin Owens would retain his Intercontinental Title over Dolph Ziggler while Booker T said that Ziggler needs to worry about winning a match and not stealing the show.

2-out-of-3 falls United States Title Match: Kalisto © vs. Alberto Del Rio

They lock up to begin the match. Del Rio tried to take off the mask of Kalisto. Del Rio then attacked the left arm of Kalisto then put the boots to it. He landed some right hands in the corner then started to tear off pieces of Kalisto’s mask. Kalisto battled back and landed some kicks. Del Rio chased him around until Kalisto caught him with a face plant. Kalisto hit an outside dive to Del Rio. Moments later, Del Rio fought back and sent Kalisto chest first into the apron. Del Rio tossed him into the ring and hit a suplex. Kalisto caught him with a kick then sent him into the barricade. Kalisto then hit a hurricanrana off the barricade. Del Rio hit him with a chair for the DQ. Kalisto is now up 1-0.

We’re back from break with Del Rio hitting a double foot stomp in the corner for the fall. Each man has a fall (1-1).

Del Rio put the boots to him as the action resumed. Del Rio went for his finisher, but Kalisto kicked him then a hurricanrana off the top rope. Kalisto with a big boot then a springboard dive. Del Rio sets up Kalisto on the turnbuckle and hits and inverted suplex into the ring. Del Rio could not get a pin because Kalisto rolled out of the ring. Del Rio teases using a chair again but doesn’t. He sets Kalisto up on the barricade and hits the double stomp to the chest. Del Rio missed the double foot stomp in the ring. Kalisto with a rollup and gets the 3rd fall. Kalisto retains

Winner: Kalisto ©.

AJ Styles takes some Twitter questions. He talks about his WWE debut at the Royal Rumble. He said that WWE is the major leagues. Styles explained that he always looked up to Sting.

Welcome to the Fastlane PPV. We kick things off with…

Tag Team Match: Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch vs. Naomi and Tamina.

Lynch and Tamina started things off. Lynch landed a leg drop, but Tamina fought back and hit a headbutt. Naomi was tagged in, but ate a kick and was sent to the floor. Lynch followed her out to ringside but was clotheslined. Back in the ring, Tamina and Naomi beat down Lynch as they were tagging in and out often. Lynch tripped Naomi, but was caught and slammed to the ground by Tamina. Tamina went for a suplex, but Lynch blocked and went to get a tag to Banks, but Naomi pulled Banks off the apron before Lynch could get the hot tag. Moments later, Lynch fought back and tagged in Banks, who cleared the ring. Banks hit a running knee strike then hit a backstabber into the Bank Statement, but Tamina pulled her out of the ring. Back in the ring, Naomi hit her with the Rear View for 2. Naomi sends Becky out of the ring.  Naomi and Tamina double team Sasha but Becky is back in with a missile dropkick on Naomi. Sasha locks in the Bank Statement while Lynch locks in the disarmer to pick up the win.

Winners: Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch

A recap video is shown of Kevin Owens winning the Intercontinental Title last week on RAW.

Intercontinental Title Match: Kevin Owens © vs. Dolph Ziggler.

Owens started the match with a cheap headbutt then some strikes. Owens then hit him in the head with a knee. Owens locked in a headlock to wear down Ziggler. Moments later, Ziggler fought out of it and hit a splash in the corner. Owens reversed and sent Ziggler hard into the corner. Owens then hit a back splash for 2. Ziggler fights back with a series of splashes then a suplex. Owens cut him off with a kick to the gut and a back splash for 2. Owens missed a spear and ate the ring post, which led him to the floor. Owens missed a splash and Ziggler hit one of his own. Ziggler hit a second one then a neck breaker followed by a series of elbow drops for 2. Ziggler went for the famasser, but was caught and sent groin first into the top rope. Owens hit the Cannonball in the corner for a near fall. Ziggler blocked the powerbomb and hit a DDT for 2. Ziggler went for a suplex off the top rope, but was blocked and Owens hit a brainbuster for 2. Ziggler tries to hit the zig zag but Owens holds the ropes and hits a superkick. Dolph surprises Owens with another superkick but Owens kicks out and rolls to the outside. Owens pulls Ziggler to ringside and goes for a powerbomb but Ziggler uses the momentum to drive Owens into the steel steps. Both men make it back into the ring and Ziggler hits the famasser. 2 count. Owens hits a sitdown powerbomb and gets the win.

Winner: Owens ©.

Six-Man Tag Team Match: Braun Strowman, Luke Harper & Erick Rowan vs. Ryback, Big Show & Kane

Rowan and Ryback started off the match. Both men exchanged strikes in the corner. The Wyatt Family double teams Ryback for the new few minutes until Kane got that hot tag and hit a series of clotheslines to Rowan. Kane hit a big boot to Rowan and then attacked Harper. Kane sent Rowan to the floor then hit a big boot to Strowman. Rowan caught Kane with a big boot that knocked him off the apron. Strowman sent Kane shoulder first into the ring post then back into the ring. Strowman put the boots to Kane in the corner but then ran into a back elbow. Strowman missed a big boot and fell out of the ring. Strowman got the tag to Harper while Kane got the tag to Ryback. Ryback hit a shoulder block to Harper then a high knee strike. Ryback would then hit a power slam six times for a near fall. Kane hit a chokeslam to Rowan while Big Show shoved Strowman to the floor. Big Show then press slammed Harper out of the ring onto Harper and Rowan. Show then shoulder tackles Harper. Back in the ring, Ryback hit the Meat Hook and Shell Shock for the win.

Winners: Ryback, Big Show & Kane

Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns do a backstage segment. Both men believe that they will win tonight and go onto WrestleMania 32.

Divas Title Match: Charlotte © vs. Brie Bella.

Charlotte tossed her down then started mocking her. Brie hit her with a forearm strike. Brie with a slam then locked in a left arm submission. Charlotte fought out and landed a knee strike. Brie reversed a hip toss and hit an arm drag. Brie mocked Ric Flair then hit a snapback slam for 2. Brie with some kicks until Charlotte dumped her to the floor. Back in the ring, Charlotte beat her down and locked in an arm submission. Brie fought out and went for the YES Lock, but it was blocked and Brie rolled her up for 2. Charlotte knocked her down and then sent Brie face first into the mat several times. Brie fought back with a series of strikes then a big forearm strike for 2. Charlotte hit a series of chops, but Brie rolled her up for 2. Charlotte with a big running knee. Charlotte went to the apron but was dropkicked off to the floor. Brie took her out with a baseball slide. Brie hit a missile drop kick once back in the ring. Brie hit a series of kicks to the chest of Charlotte. She then hit a faceplant for 2. Charlotte went for the Figure Four, but blocked and Brie locked in the YES Lock. Brie turned it into a single leg crab as Ric Flair was trying to grab Charlotte’s leg. Charlotte kicked her off and locked in the Figure Eight for the win.

Winner: Charlotte ©.

Chris Jericho cuts a backstage promo about his match with AJ Styles. Jericho said one loss does not diminish his legacy and pointed out that he beat Styles in their last match. Jericho feels sorry for Styles as Styles has a lot of pressure on him.

Singles Match: AJ Styles vs. Chris Jericho

Both men went for quick roll ups and their submission holds at the beginning of the match, which the fans cheered for. Styles then hit a hurricanrana and a series of chops. Styles hit a power slam then a knee drop for 2. Jericho and Styles exchanged chops. Jericho went to the top rope and hit a double axe. Styles popped up and connected with a dropkick. Styles then hit a snap suplex. Jericho reversed a move, hit a back body drop, and then clotheslined him out of the ring. Jericho then hit a baseball slide and then sent him into the barricade. Back in the ring, Styles fought back before being kicked in the head by Jericho. Jericho went for a bulldog, but reversed and Styles hit a faceplant for 2. Styles landed some kicks, but missed a dropkick, and Jericho hit the lion sault for a near fall. Jericho hit a clothesline and put him on the top rope, but Styles fought back and knocked him off. Styles went for a spring board, but Jericho pulled down the rope and Styles went crashing to the floor. Jericho went to the top rope, but Styles caught him with a kick to the face. Styles then went for a hurricanrana, but blocked and Jericho dropped him and locked in the Walls of Jericho. Styles grabbed the rope and the submission was let go. Back in the ring, Jericho hit the Codebreaker for 2. Styles fought back with a series of chops and hit the Styles Clash for the near fall. Styles locked in the Calf Crusher for the win.

Winner: Styles.

Post-match, Jericho and Styles had a staredown. Jericho teased hitting him, but did not and instead wanted to shake his hand. Styles did and Jericho walked to the back.

Edge and Christian down to the ring for “Cutting Edge Peep Show.” Edge pulled their show that aired right after the Fastlane PPV. Edge said that it’s right great to be back home in this ring. Christian said that the first ever tag team ladder match took place in Cleveland. The New Day then interrupted. New Day explained that it’s out with the old and in with the new. Xavier Woods said that they can do whatever they want. Edge explains that he has never seen so much chocolate act so vanilla. Edge believes New Day watched ever single segment he and Christian were in. Edge said that now we finally have entertaining tag team champions again. Big E said that they need to show more respect. Kofi said that they’re better than Edge and Christian as well as the fans. Christian shut them down and started a New Day sucks chant. Christian mocks the League of Nations and here comes LON. Xavier said that they’d love to engage in a battle with them but it’s a day of rest and New Day will turn the other cheek. They then left the ring. The segment ends with Kofi and Big E shaking their butts while Edge makes it rain on them with cash and Christian plugs his and Edge’s show.

Social Outcasts come out and cut a promo about being safety first for everything.

Singles Match: R-Truth vs. Curtis Axel.

They lock up to begin the match. Axel knocks him down and then R-Truth gets tripped by Adam Rose. Goldust walks down to the ring. Goldust starts attacking Social Outcasts. Axel rolled up Truth for the win.

Winner: Axel.

Post-match, Goldust tries to explain his side of the story, but Truth did not want to hear it and walked to the back.

Number One Contender’s Triple Threat Match: Dean Ambrose vs. Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar

Lesnar went right after Ambrose and a brawl broke out. Lesnar sent Ambrose to the floor then hit Reigns with a german suplex. Lesnar hit a clothesline to Ambrose and sent him to the floor. Lesnar with a series of shoulder blocks to Reigns then hit a german suplex. Lesnar went for another, but Ambrose dropkicked him from behind. Ambrose went for a german suplex, but Lesnar blocked and hit a belly to belly suplex. Reigns dragged Lesnar out of the ring, but Lesnar tossed Reigns into the barricade. Ambrose went from an outside dive, but was caught by Lesnar and hit a belly to belly suplex. Back in the ring, Lesnar hit a german suplex to Reigns. Lesnar hit an F-5 to Reigns, but Ambrose broke it up the pinfall. Ambrose slapped Lesnar and Lesnar hit Ambrose with a series of knees then put the boots to him. Lesnar would hit a huge german suplex. Reigns hit Lesnar with a spear for 2. Reigns then connected with the Superman Punch and Lesnar rolled to the floor. Reigns jumped off the steel steps but was caught by Lesnar. Ambrose hit Lesnar with a low blow. Reigns and Ambrose would then hit a double powerbomb to Lesnar through the announce table. Ambrose then sent Reigns into the steep steps and into the ring. Ambrose connected with a crossbody and a clothesline into a bulldog. Ambrose went to the top rope and connected with an elbow drop. Reigns blocked a neck breaker and connected with a series of right hands. Reigns with a big boot but Ambrose no sold it and landed a clothesline. Lesnar stood up, so Reigns and Ambrose stopped fighting and hit a double powerbomb to Lesnar through another announcers table. Reigns and Ambrose went back to fighting. Reigns went for a powerbomb, but Ambrose fought out of it. Ambrose went for a dive off the top rope, but Reigns hit him with the Superman Punch. Reigns sidestepped a spear and Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds for a near fall. Ambrose went for his finisher again, but Reigns blocked it, and Lesnar ran in for a double german suplex. Reigns knocked him down and hit a spear to Lesnar. Lesnar would then lock in the kimura lock. Ambrose hit Lesnar with a chair multiple times. Ambrose then hit Reigns with it. Reigns popped up and speared Ambrose for the win.

Winner: Reigns.

Reigns celebrated in the ring. Triple H then walked down to the ring with the WWE Title. They had a staredown to close the show.

  • Solid

    WWE Fastlane…. to your wallet. 😛

    They really don’t care anymore, or Vinces’ world is so warped he thought it was great.

  • nick-hulk

    Why book the Wyatts so poorly? & Ryback so strong? Where was the Wyatt interference un the triple threat to set up Manis

  • Khosrow

    The show just wasn’t any good