WWE Fired Star Alleges ‘Racism’ At WrestleMania

WWE WrestleMania 37 was a major success, despite some glaring errors and delays that took place during the event. However, one wrestler who is particularly upset with the way WrestleMania went down is non other than the former Sin Cara, Cinta de Oro who during a recent interview with Inside The Ropes expanded his views on a recent thought by yet another former WWE superstar – Andrade, that WWE had little to no Mexican representation at WrestleMania. This former WWE Champion recently reacted to Bad Bunny at WrestleMania.



During the same interview, Cara would also discuss how upset he is with WWE’s Mexican recruiting efforts, proclaiming that he believes that it isn’t right for the organization to scout Mexican talent if they are seldom going to use them. Credit to ITRwrestling for the below transcription.

“No, no, no. Obviously, as a Mexican… [He sighs] ..I’m a little obviously saddened because of the situation, because I understand that there’s a lot of great talent, there are great wrestlers out there that have been there and haven’t gotten those opportunities.”

Sin Cara continued: “It’s true. I mean, what, now they’re saying that they want to go to Mexico and get more talent – for what? Sitting in catering? Doing the same thing? Putting us on the side – just because you can pay us, you want to keep us not achieving our dreams? And that’s why he left. That was the main thing.”

This top WWE executive recently admitted to ‘lying’ to WrestleMania fans. The former WWE star concluded: “Before I left, you know, I spoke with some of the guys also about that and a lot of them decided to stay, which fine. I understand that – economically. You get your cheque every week and you have that stability, economically, but they’re not happy. I’m pretty sure Kalisto is not happy, Metalik, all those guys are not happy, but they don’t want to say anything – and I don’t know why. I can say it now. I was there, I lived it and I know what it feels like and what it means. It’s really tough and it sucks.”

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