WWE Fired Star Is Bray Wyatt’s Real Father?

Fans have been wondering about the possible members of Bray Wyatt’s ‘Wyatt 6’ faction. The first character of Bray Wyatt’s ‘Wyatt 6’ faction has seemingly been teased on the latest edition of Friday Night SmackDown. On the latest episode of the blue brand, fans got a preview of the potential new faction member known as Uncle Howdy. It seems that Boogeyman has his sights set on the former Universal Champion.



Boogeyman sends cryptic message to Bray Wyatt

In recent weeks, the WWE legend has teased the idea of potentially feuding with Wyatt. Taking to social media, he warned the 35-year-old on numerous occasions.

Courtesy of his latest tweet, The Boogeyman warned Wyatt once again as he sent him a four-worded message.

“I AM…….your father” wrote The Boogeyman.


The Boogeyman recently returned to WWE programming, as he appeared on this week’s episode of The Bump. He also took to Twitter to post a video message for his fans, claiming that WWE is still his home and he never left the company in the first place.

On last week’s SmackDown, Bray Wyatt delivered a backstage promo after his return to the blue brand the week before. During the same promo, WWE played Wyatt’s theme in the background as he spoke to the camera. Speaking on The Jim Cornette Experience, Cornette criticized WWE for the same.

He stated that the background music was unnecessary, as he said:

“I will say again that this guy can talk, and he can talk convincingly, and he makes it sound like he’s saying it. I don’t know why they put the spooky background music behind the promo, because he’s so real, that made it fake, like the old TNA sit-down interviews when they had the dramatic music underneath and it just killed the whole thing… Here’s a guy talking real… where’s the music coming from? Why do we need that, we don’t. Just listen to the f*****g guy,”

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