WWE Hall of Famer Nearly Died Bleeding Before Raw

WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff recently revealed health scare on his 83 Weeks podcast. He said that he almost died twice but thankfully he is fine now.



Eric Bischoff opens up on his health

He revealed that he went through quite a health scare. Bischoff is hypoglycemic and revealed that he read about the benefits of using psyllium husks, which is known for its fiber content, and decided to add a few big scoops of it to his smoothie.

However, Bischoff failed to read the instructions thoroughly, and instead of starting with the recommended amount, he decided to take 4-5 tablespoons, which turned out to be a big mistake.

Later in the evening, Eric Bischoff started to pass a lot of blood while he was in the bathroom. Despite having no cramps or pain, Bischoff assumed that he would be fine and went back to bed. However, he woke up feeling dizzy and with a low blood pressure of 85/45, he knew something was wrong. As he went upstairs, he blacked out and fell to the floor. He eventually made his way to the bathroom, where he started bleeding again.

Eric Bischoff’s wife, who knew nothing about his condition beforehand, found him and called for an ambulance. When the ambulance showed up with EMTs, Bischoff wanted to take a shower before heading to the hospital to avoid having blood all over himself. However, he blacked out again and hit his head, which busted his head open. He was eventually taken to the hospital, but the doctors couldn’t determine what was wrong with him. So, they sent him home at 4:30 AM, because he stopped bleeding.

It was noted that the next day, Eric Bischoff was feeling better, but he soon started to feel sick again. He eventually ended up in the ER, where he was put in the ICU for a couple of days. The bleeding in his intestines was so bad that they couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.

They even discussed removing parts of his intestines and giving him a colostomy bag. After agreeing to the surgery, Bischoff was put under, but 10 minutes later, the doctors couldn’t proceed. It turns out that they ran out of his blood type at the hospital. Bischoff was then airlifted to another hospital in Billings, Montana.

Eric Bischoff stayed in Billings for a day or two and woke up on Sunday feeling much better. On Monday, he wanted to leave, but the doctor told him to stay. After one more test, the doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with him, and the bleeding stopped.

Eric Bischoff realized that the psyllium husks caused the bleeding as it takes all the moisture in the intestines, expanding like a ball of jelly, and passes through the system to clean it out. When he took more than the recommended amount, it tore up his intestines. Thankfully for everyone, the lining of Eric Bischoff’s intestines is so vascular that it healed quickly.

Eric Bischoff said that he almost died twice due to that bleeding, but it seems that he is better now. This should be a huge warning to anyone who is thinking about trying out psyllium husks, because Easy E had a pretty bad time when he took the wrong amount.

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