WWE Hall of Famer Rejected SmackDown Diva

Lacey Evans’ return to WWE television with a new gimmick change has garnered mixed reviews from fans and critics alike. While some viewers found it intriguing, it appears that WWE has no plans to push Evans despite her comeback. However, behind the scenes, the situation has taken an interesting turn, particularly in relation to the daughter of a WWE Hall of Famer.



Lacey Evans drew significant attention to herself by adopting the look of legendary wrestler Sgt Slaughter. This move didn’t sit well with Sgt Slaughter’s daughter, who openly criticized Evans for appropriating her father’s iconic image. In response, the self-proclaimed Lady of WWE fired off a shady tweet directed at Sgt Slaughter’s daughter, further escalating the tension.

Not content with the initial exchange, Lacey Evans continued to taunt Sgt Slaughter’s daughter, throwing another insult her way. However, this behavior might not work in Evans’ favor when it comes to WWE’s plans for her future.

Wrestle Votes, who is hailed as a reliable source of wrestling news and rumors, shed some light on the situation. They revealed on Twitter that WWE had approached Sgt Slaughter in January to appear alongside Lacey Evans in her return vignettes. The storyline was set to involve Sgt Slaughter teaching Evans his signature move, the Cobra Clutch. However, Sgt Slaughter vehemently denied any involvement in the project.

It remains to be seen whether Lacey Evans will gain any momentum within WWE. While she has certainly garnered attention, the final decision rests with the higher-ups in the company. They will need to assess the situation and determine if Evans’ controversial actions align with their plans for her future in WWE. Only time will tell how this backstage drama will ultimately impact Evans’ career trajectory.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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