WWE Introducing Mistico Today?, Changes to Two WWE DVD’s, Jillian Update

– Jillian Hall noted on Twitter that she has removed herself from the planned DivaMania tour with Tiffany and Maria Kanellis, now that she’s pregnant. Jillian noted that she’s about 12 weeks pregnant and due in early September. This will be Jillian’s second child as she already has an 11 year old daughter.



– WWEDVDNews reports that WWE’s “The Very Best of WCW Nitro” DVD set has a new release date of Tuesday, June 7th. WWE has also moved the “Austin vs. The Rock: The Rivalry” DVD and Blu-ray set up from a December 2011 release to an October 2011 release.

– Jim Ross and WWE announcer Carlos Cabrera will be hosting a press conference this afternoon in Mexico City at 3:30pm from the Vive Cuervo Salón. The event is free and open to the public.

There are rumors that WWE will be announcing a future TV taping in Mexico or introduce Mistico as the newest member of their roster. It’s interesting that WWE’s press conference will take place just two hours after EMLL’s press conference where they will discuss Mistico leaving their promotion for WWE.

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