WWE Legend hospitalized and on life support

It is a very sad day for all fans who were ever entertained by The Ugandan Giant, Kamala. He fascinated crowds all over with his unique wild savage gimmick and went all out on many occasions where you never thought you knew what was happening next.



But his days in WWF were a long time ago at this point and as with all legends, they too grow old. Now Kamala is sick and hospitalized. He is on life support and although it appears he shows signs of getting better this still isn’t good news.

Kamala is seriously ill as a Facebook message detailing the facts his friends and family wish to release said: “A lot of people has asked me for updates on James Harris status the Doctor said he’s looking good this morning. He’s still on Life support but he’s showing signs of improvement.”

We’re hoping for the best and sending out all the good vibes we can. We’re pulling for you, Kamala.


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