WWE Legend Reportedly Arranges Chael Sonnen and Kevin Dunn Meeting, More on Wanderlei Silva

– We noted before that WWE denied former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen’s claim that he would be attending WrestleMania 31 weekend to talk with officials. It was later reported that Sonnen is still attending and will be having an unofficial talk with WWE’s Kevin Dunn.



The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Sonnen will still be attending the Hall of Fame and WrestleMania 31 and will be having an unofficial talk with Dunn about a potential WWE TV role. The deal was reportedly arranged by WWE Hall of Famer Gerald Brisco, who is friends with Sonnen. It appears WWE’s interest in Sonnen is more on the announcer side and Sonnen going full-time as a wrestler is unlikely.

Regarding Wanderlei Silva writing on Facebook that he received an offer from WWE, he later told Brazilian media that it was a better offer than anything he has ever received from MMA. The Wrestling Observer reports that WWE officials say they have had no talks with Silva, who is still under contract to UFC but not being booked due to a suspension.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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