WWE Male Star Tried To Kiss Randy Orton

Randy Orton is a multi-time World Champion. The former WWE star Paul London recently revealed that former WWE star Juventud Guerrera asked ‘The Viper’ to kiss him when the Mexican star was in an intoxicated state.



Paul London sheds light on the incident involving Randy Orton

On a recent edition of Cafe de Rene podcast, Paul London recalled how former WWE star Juventud Guerrera asked Randy Orton to kiss him.

“[Guerrera said] ‘Kiss me, Randy, give me just one kiss, Randy. Come on one kiss. [Randy Orton replied] Juvi, get the fu*k out of here now. [Guerrera replied] Come on, Randy, just kiss me, one kiss, please.’ I’ve said too much [laughs],” said London.


Rene Dupree had also spoken about the incident in an earlier episode of Cafe de Rene:

“Randy and Juvi were, at this point in time, riding partners and the Juice was on the juice, baby. And this is the story I heard, I can’t confirm it 100 percent, but it was pretty accurate I think. He was drinking and they were staying at the same hotel and he was at three or four in the morning walking up down the hall saying, ‘Kiss me, Randy. Where are you baby, kiss me, Randy.’ Randy got super hot at this and Juvi was gone not too long after,” said Dupree.

Guerrera had made his debut in June 2005 on WWE Velocity and was released in January 2006. During his short stint with the company, he won the Cruiserweight Championship twice. He was a part of WCW and even wrestled on AEW last year when he faced Chris Jericho in a singles match.

Meanwhile, ‘The Viper’ seemingly had been dealing with back issues as per his former tag-team partner Riddle. RK-Bro lost the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship match to The Usos on SmackDown and it was the last time Orton had stepped foot inside the squared circle.

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