WWE might be reducing NXT house shows

WWE has used many Florida house shows for NXT in order to provide NXT superstars opportunities to wrestle. Now they might be reducing the number of shows.



According to a report by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE might be reducing the number of NXT house shows they produce in 2020. The Florida house show loops would definitely be changed.

It was noted that attendance is significantly less this year. They are likely to cut back on Thursday shows as they have the lowest draws. The issue stems from the fact that owing to running several shows, the company has burned out the Florida crowd. The newer fans are also disrupting the enjoyment of older fans apparently.

According to one person familiar with the Florida scene, the issue is local burnout. There’s not one specific reason, but a number of things that they believe have hurt attendance, some of which has to do with the divergence of fans (the respectful fan vs. old school fan who comes to yell at heels and make noise and often drink a lot and try and rile up heels leaves both fans not having fun when you’re in a small building with so few fans). Then it becomes an issue with security, as if they let the old school fans go, the new school fans are mad the crowd isn’t respectful and it’s no fun, or they think the crowd is cheering match quality and not booing heels and it’s no fun.

It is also attributed to the fact WWE does not advertise which competitors will be appearing for the house shows. They are generally superstars who are not shown on television.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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