WWE Name Wanted Nia Jax Fired ‘For Years’

The former WWE RAW Women’s Champion Nia Jax was recently released by WWE last week and many fans were completely shocked by the company’s decision. She was largely protected by Vince McMahon, who wanted her to look strong and loved the idea of a monster female on the roster. As it turns out, she needed some more time for a mental health break. Alexa Bliss Accused Of Ripping Off Fired Diva



Jax also revealed her side of the story. She was shocked as well by her firing and WWE star Paige even called for the company to bring her back. There were also several instances in the past where the fact she is The Rock’s cousin and in Vince McMahon’s favor played to her advantage.

Nia Jax release was long time coming

Ringside News reported that they had asked around about Nia Jax’s claim that she was released after demanding for more time for a mental health hiatus. A tenured member of the creative team responded that they had no knowledge of Jax asking for a longer break, but her release was a long time coming.

No idea about Nia Jax needing mental health assistance. Either way, she should have been fired years ago.

They were told that a combination of her work rate, backstage attitude, and “the fact that she’s dangerous in the ring” were all reasons why she should have been let go already. WWE Chairman Vince McMahon always liked her and backed her in the booking. She was also in a great spot as one-half of the Women’s Tag Team Champions alongside Shayna Baszler during her last run with WWE.

We will see what future holds for Jax moving forward.

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