WWE NXT Results – February 23rd

WWE NXT Results – February 23rd, 2010
Report by Richard Trionfo, PWInsider



We are live on tape from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and your announcers are Josh ‘Am I the rookie or mentor’ Mathews and Michael ‘Vintage Mentoring’ Cole.

We see the rookies in the back in their ring gear. The Miz walks by and he looks at the rookies and then he turns his attention to his mentee Daniel Bryan. Miz tells him that he is the Unified Tag Team and United States Champion and he mentions that Daniel is an internet star who dominated the minor leagues. Many say that Daniel is ready for the WWE. Miz tells Daniel that you need to expect anything. He tells Daniel to introduce himself to everyone in the crowd and show personality and charisma. He wants Daniel to give everyone a reason to watch him every week. Miz tells Daniel that he can go out to his music but Daniel doesn’t want to. Miz says that Bryan’s personality is as dry as the Mohave Desert compared to him and if Bryan doesn’t show personality, he will slap some into him.

We have a third member of the announce team and it is Matt Striker, who is the host. Matt says that he jumped at the opportunity for the ability to be involved with the show so we can see into the development of the wrestlers.

We go to the ring where Daniel Bryan has made his way to the ring. Daniel thanks everyone for the reception since his ‘pro’ is the Miz. Daniel gets a good laugh at that. He tells all of his fans that he has two words ‘I’m Sorry’. He says that he wishes his pro was William Regal. Daniel introduces himself and he says that he has been wrestling all over the world for the last ten years and now he has his chance in the WWE. He says that NXT is the next evolution in the WWE and he . . .

is interrupted by the Miz. Miz says that this is going to be a lot of fun and his work is cut out for him. He does not like what Daniel said and questions his charisma. Bryan tells Miz to be careful or he will submit him right now. Miz says that Bryan might be a submission machine but where is the charisma. Daniel says that he will go on a reality show, get a fauxhawk and act like an idiot, but that has already been done. Miz wants Daniel to give him a catchphrase. Miz says that everyone knows who he is when he says ‘I’m awesome’. He says that you have two options in the ring, you tap or you snap. The fans appear to like that catchphrase. Miz asks if the crowd thinks that Daniel showed personality and charisma. He asks if Daniel deserves to be in the same ring as him and the Miz says that he doesn’t and that Daniel failed. Miz slaps Bryan and leaves the ring.

Bryan tells Miz that there will be a time that he slaps him back. We go to commercial.

We are back and Matt Striker talked to Daniel Bryan moments ago. Matt asks how he felt about being slapped. Daniel says that he doesn’t feel embarrassed. He just figures that he will get to slap Miz. Matt says that WWE is about respect and Daniel says that he has been in the business longer than Miz. Matt tells Daniel that he will have to listen to the Miz to be a star.

Carlito comes out with Michael Tarver and he says that with his mentoring, Michael Tarver will be the next WWE star. We have a video package where he says that he is known as Mr. 1.9 since he can knock anyone out in 1.9 seconds. He talks about how his father trained with Mike Tyson. He says that it doesn’t matter how big you are, when you knock the head off, the body will fall. He says that this is the way he can prove what he can do. He says that he has a lot of ability for the world to see. He tells the other rookies to bring their A Game. He says that this is his destiny.

We see a video package for Heath Slater. He calls himself the rock star without the instruments. He says that he showboats a lot. He says that he has wanted to be a WWE superstar since he popped out of his mother’s womb. He says that it is important to be a WWE Superstar because that is all he wanted to be. He says that you have to feel the moment. He says that there were some who said that he couldn’t make it, but he is motivated to prove them wrong. He says that he is the one to watch and he is about to blow your mind.

Match Number One: Carlito and Michael Tarver versus Christian and Heath Slater

Carlito and Slater start things off and Slater with a rollup for a near fall. Carlito punches Slater and sends him into the turnbuckles. Tarver tags in and he punches Slater in the ribs. Tarver with an Irish whip but Slater with a cross body off the turnbuckles followed by a clothesline and arm drag into an arm bar. Tarver with a drop toe hold into the ropes and then the referee pulls Tarver away which allows Carlito to kick Slater. Tarver gets a near fall. Carlito tags in and he punches Slater and hits a neck breaker and gets a near fall. Carlito with a rear chin lock. Carlito slams him down to the mat and then tags Tarver back in and he has Slater in a rear chin lock with his knee in the back. Slater with a power slam but he cannot make the cover. Christian and Carlito tag in and Christian with punches followed by a running forearm and missile drop kick from the turnbuckles for a near fall. Christian tries for the Killswitch but Carlito counters. Christian blocks a springboard back elbow and tries for another Killswitch. Christian with a sunset flip for a near fall. Carlito with a punch and he tags Tarver back in. Carlito with an Irish whip and Tarver sends Carlito into an elbow. Christian with a kick and then Slater pulls Carlito to the floor. Christian with a back elbow from the turnbuckles and then Christian hits the Killswitch on Tarver for the three count.
Winners: Christian and Heath Slater

After the match, Christian tells Slater to acknowledge the crowd after the match.

We see Darren Young in the back with the Straight Edge Society. We also see R Truth with David Otunga as we go to commercial.

We are back and Wrestlemania is one day closer.

The Straight Edge Society comes out and they are joined by CM Punk’s rookie Darren Young. Punk does not look happy with his rookie and Punk keeps Serena away from Darren.

We go to comments from CM Punk. He says that he doesn’t know why he is on the show. He doesn’t know who Darren Young is. He mentors Luke Gallows and Serena. He says that if Darren Young wants to be mentored, he needs to adopt the Straight Edge.

We go to comments from David Otunga. He says that he is going to win. He says that he is a touch above since he is from Hollywood. He mentions that he is the fiancée of Jennifer Hudson and he has been to Hollywood parties and has been to the White House. David says that he has no flaws. He compares himself to The Rock, Triple H, and John Cena. He also mentions that he went to Harvard Law School. He says that he doesn’t care what the people think about him. He says that he is not going to fail. He says that he will be the next WWE Superstar.

Match Number Two: David Otunga versus Darren Young

They lock up and Young with forearms and a back elbow for a near fall. Young misses a short arm clothesline but Otunga with a forearm and a spinebuster for the three count.
Winner: David Otunga

After the match, CM Punk and the rest of the Straight Edge Society leave the ring without Darren Young.

We have an Earlier Tonight Moment of Daniel Bryan and The Miz from earlier in the show.

We are back with the Raw Rebound.

Cole says that he is Josh’s mentor and Josh points out that Cole is still being mentored.

Match Number Three: Chris Jericho with Wade Barrett versus Daniel Bryan with The Miz

We are back and we are told that Justin Gabriel will be doing more than standing in the back next week when his mentor Matt Hardy shows up.

Chris Jericho says that he doesn’t want Savannah to introduce him. He wants Wade to introduce him.

Wade says that he is Europe’s number one bare knuckle fighter and he says that it is an honor to be paired with Chris Jericho. He says that he doesn’t care where anyone has been because Chris Jericho has been there first. Chris tells Wade that he just wants to introduce him. Wade does the introduction.

Byran offers his hand to Jericho and Jericho slaps it away. Jericho has something to say to Bryan and Bryan listens to him. Jericho pushes Bryan away and then he pie faces him but Bryan with a slap and drop kick. Bryan with a running forearm into the corner followed by a kick. Jericho with a thumb to the eye and a drop kick followed by punches and a belly-to-back suplex. Jericho punches Bryan followed by a snap mare and chin lock. Bryan punches Jericho and gets a near fall with a rollup. Jericho with an enzuigiri and gets a near fall. Jericho slaps Bryan in the head and then he connects with a forearm.

During the match, Matt Striker asks Wade Barrett what he is learning. He says that Jericho is quality and that he is learning how to be the best in the world.

Back to the match, Jericho misses a charge into the corner and hits the ring post. Bryan with a kick and a dragon screw leg whip and a Shining Wizard for a near fall. Bryan with a knee and then flips over Jericho and hits a flying clothesline for a near fall. Bryan with a forearm and a running forearm that sends Jericho to the floor. Bryan waits for Jericho to get up and Bryan hits a suicide dive but Bryan is sent into the announce table. Bryan tries for a springboard move but Jericho catches him and tries for the Walls of Jericho but Bryan counters with an ankle lock but Jericho makes it to the ropes. Jericho hits a Codebreaker out of nowhere and both men are down.

We see the other six rookies in the back watching on the NXT Monitor.

Jericho puts Bryan in the Walls of Jericho and Bryan taps.
Winner: Chris Jericho

After the match, The Miz comes into the ring and he punches and kicks Bryan. Miz slams Bryan’s head into the mat and he tells Bryan that you don’t disrespect him because he is a champion. He reminds Bryan that he is the rookie.

Matt Striker is in the back with the other six rookies and he says that they will make history.

We go to credits.

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