WWE planning a fifth NXT Takeover event for next year

In the past several years, having an NXT Takeover event in addition to WWE’s Big 4 Events during the same weekend has kind of became a tradition.



Now it appears Officials are ready to expand the NXT brand even more as Dave Meltzer from Wrestling Observer is reporting that WWE is planning a fifth NXT Takeover Event for next year.

The company recently revealed their PPV schedule for 2018 and apart from reducing the number of special events, one major change was that they made Money In The Bank a co-branded event instead of being an exclusive PPV like this year.

According to Dave, with MITB being a non-exclusive PPV now, Officials are planning to hold a Takeover event over the weened of the show, similar to the Big 4 events.

The Money In The Bank PPV will take place from Chicago on June 17th and the Takeover event is expected to be held the day before. No word yet on when the company will make the official announcement for this NXT PPV but we’ll keep you posted.

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