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WWE planning to introduce a secondary title for women?

Womens Royal Rumble

WWE planning a Women’s tag title is a rumor that has been running for very long, but a new report suggests that it’s not the only Women’s title the company is planning to introduce in the near future.

According to Barnburner’s Fired Up podcast, the company is also planning to introduce a secondary title for the Women apart from the two Women’s Championship already present on the main roster.

No word yet on which brand the title will be introduced to, but Raw roster appears to be the frontrunner for it. As far as the dates are concerned the podcast says that the title will be introduced by early 2019.

It’s worth mentioning here that just recently Maria Kanellis said on Twitter that WWE should bring back the Diva’s Championship as a symbol which will help in remembering the history:

Now with the return of female stars like the Bella Twins who are widely considered to be divas more than wrestlers, the big question is if the company could actually be planning to reinstate the Diva’s Championship?

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    There probably next plan is to have the women have there own brand. They probably want to see how well the All Women PPV does first.

  • Wicka Steve

    On Raw you have 40 men, 30 on Smackdown, competing for 4 belts per show, if you count the tag belts as two belts. You have 13 women on Raw, 11 on Smackdown, competing for 1 belt per show. So yes, using the present number of women, the women have enough title unless you wanted to add a set of tag belts defended across both brands, but as the first brand split showed, defending belts across brands never works.

  • CC

    Eh? There are only 3 shows unless you count 205 Live, and last time I looked that lacked women.
    The men, if you include NXT and 205, have 10 titles. Is 4 really a stretch for the women?

  • Sparti Love

    It doesn’t matter. The point is there’s 4 Women’s titles, one for each show.

  • Soulshroude


  • Soulshroude

    Hmmm… Maybe a title with a bit of sentiment to it, like “Women’s Intercontinental Championship”? It has a “RING” to it.

  • CC

    The UK title is not a WWE main roster title, it is an NXT title.

  • Sparti Love

    We’re already getting the Women’s UK title.. that’s 4 women’s titles, not including the potential tag title. They have enough titles.

  • CC

    For the womens division to have a secondary title, they need to break away from the main roster and have a show like 205 Live for women. There is not enough depth of female talent on each roster to warrant a second title, and certainly not enough time when you consider how many male wrestlers are struggling for air time as well. The two main titles can stay on the main roster brands, but then both divisions come together on the break away show, where they can contest the secondary and tag titles.

  • Whistling Joe

    As much as I hate to say it, we need more WWE programming. With all the talent and all the titles, WWE needs to bring back Heat and Velocity and then anchor those shows with titles so that, for example, if you want to watch the women’s tag belts and IC storylines, you have to watch Heat.