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WWE possibly preparing Becky Lynch for major feud following Wrestlemania

Becky Lynch will be the only competitor to walk into the Wrestlemania main event without a championship. However, she is expected to come out on top and win both the RAW and Smackdown Women’s titles.

Lynch is now WWE’s chosen one and the feud following Wrestlemania might solidify that. It was rumored a couple of months ago that WWE is looking for Becky Lynch vs Stephanie McMahon at SummerSlam and this match might become a reality.

Rumors suggest that WWE is planning a feud between Becky and Stephanie. WWE never got Ronda Rousey vs Stephanie McMahon, so this is what they want for Lynch now.

This feud might make things far more interesting once Wrestlemania is over with. McMahon might cost Becky out of the titles and Becky will want revenge. This is because the thinking is that despite no titles being involved, Becky Lynch vs Stephanie McMahon is a high profile match on any card.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    No not happening I believe Stephanie wrestling days are over.

  • Glen Värîs

    And somehow Stephanie will win….

  • lobsterball

    And Becky Lynch using the Stone Cold gimmick gets to the next point where Stephanie takes on Vince’s role in the struggle of Becky vs Stephanie as Stone Cold had his battles with Vince

  • CC

    So in one story we are being told that if Rousey is not leaving she will win the titles, and in this story we are told Becky is the “chosen one”.
    Its almost like you have no idea what is happening but like to post stories as if they are facts and at least one story will be right.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    How is that a high profile match?! Click bait like a MF

  • Doug

    So Becky will only have the titles for 2 months ugh. I bet she loses to stupid flair since she gets handed everything on a silver platter. She never has to earn a damn thing