WWE provides storyline update regarding Edge’s status following attack from Randy Orton

As seen on this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW, WWE Hall of Famer Edge came out in the final segment of the show to address his return at the Royal Rumble. The Rated R Superstar cut a phenomenal promo about being back and addressed quite a few matters including his neck surgery, new opponents and how much he’s missed WWE.



However, the Ultimate Opportunist was interrupted by Randy Orton, who Edge eliminated in the Royal Rumble match. Orton came out and cut a promo about how he was glad to see Edge back and that he’s family to him.

But soon enough, the Viper struck and took down his former tag team partner with a vicious RKO out of nowhere. Orton left Edge laying in the ring and brought out a steel chair from ringside.

He hit Edge in the back with the chair and then put the Hall of Famer’s neck inside the half-opened chair and went to the top rope to deliver a devastating blow. However, Randy got down, removed the chair and pretended to walk away, only to return with two chairs.

Then Orton kept a steel chair under Edge’s head and delivered a chair shot to the head to take the Hall of Famer out. The Viper left with a sadistic grin on his face as Edge laid unconscious in the ring.

In a storyline follow-up to Orton’s actions, WWE’s official site has released an injury update about Edge’s current status. The report states that Edge was “rushed to a local medical facility” after Orton’s attack on RAW.

Edge has been taken to a local medical facility following an attack by Randy Orton at the conclusion of Raw, WWE.com has learned.

The WWE Hall of Famer, who returned to Raw following an in-ring comeback at the 2020 Royal Rumble event, was celebrating his improbable return from retirement when Orton attacked, targeting Edge’s surgically-repaired neck with several steel chair strikes.

It will be interesting to see how this feud between two old frenemies is revived in the weeks to come. After that phenomenal RAW angle, fans are completely invested in this storyline between Rated RKO.


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