WWE RAW Live Results – January 9th

WWE RAW Live Event Results
January 9th, 2010 – Lincoln, Nebraska
Report by Cory Olson, F4Wonline



1) MVP defeated Jack Swagger in the opener. Swagger told Justin Roberts to inform the crowd that he was a proud alumnus of the University of Oklahoma, to get heat from the University of Nebraska fans. MVP then told Roberts that’s because Swagger couldn’t get into Nebraska. A good opener, that saw MVP block the gut wrench power bomb and hit the Playmaker for the pin.

They had Eve Torres up in the crowd asking some kids where Wrestlemania was going to be this year. They answered correctly and got to move to ringside seats. WWE did this same gimmick last time with Layla, and interestingly enough in almost the exact same spot in the arena.

2) Evan Bourne defeated Johnny Curtis. Curtis did mic work telling the crowd to keep watching Raw, especially to see him make a name for himself in the next few months. Curtis had control most of the match, but in the end Bourne hit a roundhouse kick from the apron, then nailed the Shooting Star for the pin. Curtis looked fine, but didn’t really stand out as someone who might be a big star–just kind of that typical WWE developmental guy. On the way to the back, Bourne got attacked in the aisle by Cody Rhodes for some reason. Primo then came to Evan’s rescue and this led to the next match.

3) Cody Rhodes pinned Primo Colon. Without any ring introductions, it took some fans a few minutes to realize that Primo was Cody’s opponent. Cody got the win with Cross Rhodes.

4) Gail Kim and The Bella Twins defeated Maryse, Jillian Hall, and Alicia Fox. Santino Marella was special ref for this one and not surprisingly, did a lot of comedy spots. In a random trivia note, I think the Bellas were the only ones who wrestled on this show as well as the August one, since they were on ECW at the time. A decent match. Gail got the pin on Jillian with a facebreaker-type move, where she pulled Jillian’s face into her boot.

5) Chris Masters beat Carlito. I’m fine with the idea of giving Masters new music since he’s a face, but they need something less generic! People had no clue it was Masters until Justin Roberts announced his name. Masters got the win with the Masterlock.

Roberts threw some T-shirts into the crowd, and then they did a 10-minute intermission.

6) The Miz beat Kofi Kingston to retain the U.S. title. Miz did mic work, complaining about flying from Boston to Omaha, then driving to Lincoln in freezing cold weather. He mentioned the Raw match with Kofi from two weeks ago. A good match. Miz rolled out of the ring before the Trouble in Paradise, but got hit by a dive. In the end, Kofi missed a dive into the corner and got hung up on the buckles. Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale for the pin.

7) Sheamus pinned Mark Henry to retain the WWE title. They had both guys enter the ring and then did the ring intros in the corner, like they often do in title matches on TV, for a nice touch. Sheamus kept trying to find different way to win, since the idea was Henry was more powerful. He rammed Henry into the post and they teased a countout, but Henry got back in at nine for a good pop. Sheamus was up on the top rope, but Henry pulled him off and was going to hit the World’s Strongest Slam, but Sheamus turned it into a DDT. He hit the jumping kick to the face a minute later to get the win.

8) D-Generation X beat The Big Show and Randy Orton to retain the WWE Unified Tag Team titles in the main event. There were tons of D-X glow sticks in the arena for their ring entrance. Triple H talked about the freezing temps in Lincoln and the crowd cheered. Show came out and they made it sound like Orton was a surprise partner, even though local advertising during SmackDown had said this match would be the main event. A lot of stalling and comedy early on, but the crowd was definitely into it. Triple H was setting Orton up for the Pedigree, but Big Show choke slammed him while the ref was distracted. Shawn Michaels then jumped in and pulled Show over the top rope with a front facelock (similar to what Chris Benoit did to Show in the ’04 Rumble). A few minutes later, D-X hit the Pedigree with Michaels assisting on Show to score the pin. Orton left Show in the ring and went to the back, as D-X celebrated.

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