WWE RAW Results – September 28th, 2009

– Tonight’s WWE RAW kicks off with the usual opening RAW theme and video. The pyro explodes inside the Times Union Center in Albany, New York as Michael Cole welcomes us to RAW and plugs Hell in a Cell. Jerry Lawler plugs the Gauntlet Match tonight for John Cena.



– We go to the ring where the VIP Lounge is set up. Mark Henry and MVP are in the ring. MVP asks everyone to welcome tonight’s guest host… and the crowd boo’s. The music cuts MVP off and out come the Unified Tag Team Champions Big Show and Chris Jericho to the ring.

Jericho says shame on MVP for giving an introduction like that to a man like Al Sharpton. Jericho and MVP talk about some things Sharpton has done. MVP introduces Sharpton again and out he comes to “Living in America.” All four Superstars in the ring applaud Sharpton but the crowd is pretty much not into him at all. Sharpton takes the mic and says that’s the most elaborate intro he’s ever had. The crowd boo’s him and he says it’s a tough crowd. Sharpton talks about his education tour that starts tomorrow with Newt Gingrich. MVP and Sharpton go back and forth about his education plans. MVP says they need some reform with the WWE Tag Team Champions. The crowd is still booing. MVP proposes to Sharpton that they get a tag team title shot tonight on RAW. Jericho takes the mic and says he’s surrounded by hypocrites and parasites, liars and people with no morals. He says he doesn’t care what the people think of him or Sharpton. Jericho says they’re already competing in a Gauntlet match and MVP and Henry don’t deserve another shot. Jericho insults the crowd some more.

Jericho says the fans don’t deserve the right to be educated or to vote and they don’t deserve to be in the presence of Show and his greatness. Sharpton stands up for the people and says they have spoken, there will be a tag team title match tonight. The crowd briefly pops. Jericho says this is discrimination. Sharpton heads to the back and shakes some hands. We go to commercial.

WWE Unified Tag Team Title Match: MVP and Mark Henry vs. Chris Jericho and Big Show

Back from the break and Jericho is going at it with MVP. Jericho knocks MVP down but gets dropped by a right from MVP. Jericho with a bridge suplex for a 2 count. They trade 2 counts now. Henry comes in and stomps away on Jericho. Henry tosses Jericho from the corner across the ring.

Jericho scrambles over to Big Show and makes the tag. Show and Henry lock up. Henry pushes Show back first. Show with a kick and body punches to Henry. Show goes for a splash in the corner but Henry catches him in mid-air and slams him into the corner. Clothesline by Henry. MVP comes in with rights on Show. MVP with a clothesline that staggers Show. Another one and a knee to the jaw. MVP runs for the corner but Show drops him with a clothesline.

Show tags in Jericho. Headlock on the mat by Jericho. MVP fights out with right hands. Jericho counters a move but gets clotheslined to the mat. 2 count by MVP. Jericho kicks MVP in the gut and chokes him on the ropes. Show is tagged back in. He applies a big side headlock on MVP and takes him down with it.

Show tags Jericho back in. Jericho works MVP over. Henry comes in and drops Jericho and then drops Show from the apron. Henry headbutts Jericho and press slams him over the top rope into Show. Show catches Jericho and laughs at Henry. We go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Jericho kicks out of a 2 count by Henry. Henry drops Jericho again. Jericho tags in Show now. Show comes in and spears Henry. Show works over Henry and splashes him for a 2 count. The referee is distracted as Show and Jericho double team Henry. Another 2 count by Show. Show continues to control Henry. Henry finally fights back but Show headbutts him twice. Show with a DDT and another 2 count.

Jericho is tagged in with a smirk on his face. He works over Henry and hits MVP. Jericho tries for a sleeper hold but can’t get it locked on Henry all the way. Henry drops to one knee. Henry stands up with Jericho on his back. Henry rams Jericho into the corner. Henry charges but Jericho drops his face into the turnbuckle. Show is tagged in again for some double teaming. Show and Henry collide and both men go down. MVP and Jericho are tagged in at the same time. MVP with an overhead suplex and clotheslines on Jericho. MVP with a big boot to the face and a 2 count.

They go back and forth some more until MVP hits a clothesline and his Ballin’ elbow drop. 2 count by MVP. MVP goes for the Playmaker but Big Show comes in the ring and lays him out. Henry comes in and knocks Show to the floor. Jericho kicks Henry in the back and sends him to the floor also. MVP rolls Jericho up from behind for a close 2 count. MVP counters a move and nails a DDT for another close 2 count. MVP bounces off the ropes but Show clubs him in the back. MVP falls into the Codebreaker and Jericho gets the pinfall.

Winners: Chris Jericho and Big Show

– Back from the break and Primo is thanking Al Sharpton for bring an inspiration for the minorities. Hornswoggle comes running in acting crazy. Chavo Guerrero is chasing him. Sharpton stops them and Chavo introduces himself as the greatest Mexican superstar of all-time. Chavo introduces his partner for tonight, Chris Masters. Santino Marella comes walking in and he is Hornswoggle’s partner. Chavo gets Sharpton confused with Don King. Sharpton sends everyone out because he has education to do. Primo welcomes him to RAW.

– Josh Matthews is backstage with Randy Orton. Matthews asks about Hell in a Cell Sunday and the Gauntlet Match tonight. Orton says Cena doesn’t stand a chance of surviving tonight’s slaughter and if he does, he will lose more than just the WWE Title on Sunday. Orton says he’s not responsible for his actions inside the Cell this Sunday when he wins the WWE Title from Cena.

– We see Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendes making their way to the ring as we go to commercial break.

Mickie James vs. Rosa Mendes

Back from the break and the WWE Divas Champion Mickie James makes her way to the ring. It’s announced Mickie will defend her title against Alicia Fox at Sunday’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. Out next is Rosa Mendes with Alicia Fox at her side. They lock up and Mickie takes Rosa down. Rosa turns it into a head scissors.

They botch a spot in the corner but Mickie takes back control. She goes for a DDT but Rosa counters it. Mickie counters that with a neckbreaker for a 2 count. Rosa comes back and kicks Mickie in the back a few times. 2 count by Rosa. Rosa with a chinlock and knees to the back. Rosa rams Mickie with shoulders in the corner. Mickie fights back with an elbow and kicks. Mickie with a hurracanrana and clotheslines. Another botch. Alicia gets on the apron and Mickie tangles with her. Rosa misses a big kick in the ropes and flies back on the mat. Mickie kicks her in the head for the pinfall and the win.

Winner: Mickie James

– Backstage we see Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase making their way to the ring. We go back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we see the Cell hanging above the ring. Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase make their way to the ring. Ted takes the mic and says they get it, nobody expects them to win this Sunday and beat DX inside the Cell. Ted says but everyone should expect them to win. Ted plays a video of them beating up DX over the past few weeks. Cody says nobody expected them to do any of those moments just shown in the video. Cody says Triple H and HBK are two of the best Superstars in the world and RAW has been their sandbox over a decade. Cody talks more about HHH and HBK. WE hear a loud “BORING” and it’s Shawn Michaels. Ted and Cody look around. We hear DX talking but can’t see them. Finally, there they are up near the boxes in the crowd. Ted points them out and mocks them. Ted says they see right through DX, they’re not fooling them. HBK reminds Triple H it’s a PG show as he explains why they pick on Legacy. Triple H calls them assholes basically, the “little center part” of a “butt.” They talk back and forth for a few minutes. Triple H says why wait until Sunday and we see them make their way through the crowd to the ring as their music plays.

DX hit the ring and Legacy exit the ring. Ted and Cody back up through the crowd as DX taunt them from the ring. HBK says after all that talk, they’re in the ring ready to fight and Legacy just runs away. Triple H tells them to enjoy the distance because this Sunday, they will be inside the Cell where there’s no running, no hiding and no joking. Triple H tells them it’s going to be pure hell this Sunday as they head to the back.

Jack Swagger vs. Evan Bourne
Back from the break and Jack Swagger makes his way to the ring, wearing Kofi Kingston’s United States Title. Out next is Evan Bourne. The bell rings and Swagger takes Bourne down first. They fight on the apron and Swagger brings Bourne back in with a backbreaker. Swagger works on the legs now, slamming them into the mat and applying a submission.

Swagger twists Bourne’s leg more and tosses him through the ropes to the floor. Bourne comes back in and kicks Swagger to the mat. Roll up by Bourne for a 2 count. Spin kick by Bourne and a kick to the knees. Clothesline by Bourne and a 1 count. Swagger goes for the gutwrench powerbomb but Bourne gets on to the top rope. He comes off the top with two knees and a 2 count on Swagger. Bourne goes for the Shooting Star Press but has to jump down because Swagger gets up. Swagger counters a move and powerbombs Bourne for the pinfall and the win.

Winner: Jack Swagger

– After the match, Swagger takes the mic and says he has the look, the talent and even the gold. He says at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, he will become the All American American United States Champion. The Miz’s music cuts him off. Miz comes out and says Swagger won’t win the belt and puts himself over as the #1 RAW draft pick and the next US Champion. Miz grabs Swagger and gets decked. They brawl around on the mat. Kofi Kingston runs down and takes his US Title from laying in the ring as Miz and Swagger fight. Kofi’s music plays and he stands on top of the stage as Swagger and Miz look on. Back to commercial.

Santino Marella and Hornswoggle vs. Chris Masters and Chavo Guerrero

Out for the next match is the team of Hornswoggle and Santino Marella. Their opponents Chris Masters and Chavo Guerrero are out next. The bell rings and it’s Santino and Chavo starting things off. Santino with a headlock and a bit of comedy. He runs the ropes and shoulderblocks Chavo, doing a Warrior pose. Chavo beats Santino down now and throws him into Masters’ boot. Masters is tagged in and works Santino over with kicks and stomps, and a slam. Chavo is tagged back in for some double teaming.

Chavo keeps control of Santino. Santino blocks a shot in the corner and starts fighting back with rights and a finger poke. Masters is tagged in but Santino doesn’t see it. Masters comes from behind and locks the Masterlock on Santino. Santino looks hilarious trying to hulk up in the hold. He just passes out for the loss.

Winners: Chris Masters and Chavo Guerrero

– After the match, Masters pulls Hornswoggle in the ring. Chavo tells him to bring Horny to him. Masters lifts Hornswoggle up and puts him in the Masterlock. Chavo sees this and looks confused. Chavo punches Masters in the head and breaks the hold. Chavo heads to the back looking confused, leaving Masters in the ring pissed off.

– Back from the break, Lawler and Cole are in the ring hyping Hell in a Cell. We go to Al Sharpton in the back. He thanks everyone for tonight and says he had fun. Jillian Hall comes in and wants Sharpton to be her tour manager. She starts singing “Living in America” and it’s horrible. Sharpton says he’s sticking to education and she leaves. He goes to talk again when The Bella Twins walk up. They talk about him being related some way to James Brown. He ends up breaking out in dance and singing “I Feel Good.”

– We see John Cena in the back headed to the ring as we go to commercial.

3 on 1 Gauntlet Match: John Cena vs. Randy Orton, Big Show and Chris Jericho

The WWE Champion is out for tonight’s main event Gauntlet Match. Jericho’s first opponent will be Chris Jericho and out he comes. The bell rings and they lock up with Cena taking Jericho to the mat first. Jericho fights back and works over Cena. Cena takes it to the corner and they break it up.

Jericho chokes Cena with the ropes and knocks him down with a shoulder. 2 count by Jericho and another headlock. Cena lifts for the Attitude Adjustment but Jericho rolls out of it and hits Cena with rights. Cena comes back with his usual set of moves and the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena goes for the Adjustment again but Jericho turns it into the Walls of Jericho. Cena gets to the ropes and breaks the hold. Jericho won’t break it and the referee disqualifies him. Jericho still won”t let off the Walls as Cena taps.The referee is still trying to get Jericho to break the hold but he won’t. Cena is announced as the winner of the first match.

Big Show’s music hits and out he comes. He makes it to the ring and Jericho finally breaks the Walls. Cena is laid out as the bell rings for the second match. Show lifts Cena into the corner and hits a big body shot. Show with more body shots on Cena as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Show is still beating Cena around the ring. He applies a big bear hug. Show drops Cena on the mat and calls for the chokeslam. Cena gets up and Show grabs him for a chokeslam. Cena counters and drops Show with a DDT. Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment but Jericho rushes the ring and causes Show to fall on Cena. Cena is the winner of this match by DQ also. Jericho and Show beat Cena up some more. Show applies his clutch.

Voices plays as Randy Orton stalks his way to the ring. Cena is down in the ring trying to get up. Cena sits up on the bottom rope and tells Orton to come get some. Orton finally makes it inside the ring. Cena pulls himself to his feet with the ropes. They come face to face. Cena points up and the Cell starts lowering over the ring.

Cena tackles Orton as the Cell lowers. Cena grabs Orton’s leg and tries to keep him in the ring so he can’t escape. Orton makes it to the floor just as the Cell settles on the floor. He’s trapped. The crowd starts chanting for Cena. Cena turns around and sees the Cell door is still open. Orton sees this too but has to make it past Cena. Orton dashes for the door but Cena cuts him off and laughs. They start brawling and go outside of the Cell. Orton takes off and starts crawling up the Cell. Cena comes after him.

They start brawling on top of the Cell. Cena lifts Orton for the Attitude Adjustment and nails it on top of the Cell. Cena raises his arms and his music plays. He gets down in Orton’s face, talks some trash and celebrates more with the crowd from up high. We go to replays. RAW goes off the air with Cena posing for the crowd.

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