WWE Raw Star Hospitalized In Photo After Hiatus

Bobby Roode hasn’t wrestled in a match since June and the expectation from many fans was that he would be featured again now with Triple H running creative, but there is a reason why Roode has been out for some time.



As of right now, it appears that a return to the ring is not in the cards right now for Roode because it appears that he is not cleared to wrestle.

Roode noted on his Instagram account that he went to Birmingham, Alabama to undergo some sort of procedure. He did not give any more details, but as seen on his Instagram account, he visited Southlake Orthopedics, and one of the people he thanked, Andrew Sports Medicine, works with injured athletes.

Roode last wrestled on a house show on 6/25 against Omos and during the early part of this year, he was featured on WWE TV shows as part of The Dirty Dawgs tag team with Dolph Ziggler.

With Bobby Roode recently going through surgery, there does not seem to be a timeframe on the return of Roode, or if he will be back at all because WWE creative seems to move past ideas to bring back people rather quickly if they are not ready and able to hop back into the ring.

As stated above, there also is no mention on what the injury was for Roode or just how serious it is. It could be something very simple, or it could be something that is threatening to his career from here on out. Whatever the case may be, we know that he and his fans want to see him back in the ring as quickly as possible without much thought or hesitation.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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