WWE Releases New CM Punk Merchandise, Sheamus Hypes Raw, Classics On Demand

– Taking a page out of the John Cena playbook, WWE has released a slate of similarly-styled CM Punk merchandise. Coming in yellow, this includes an “Authentic” T-Shirt reading “GTS” on the front and “BEST IN THE WORLD” on the back, as well as a baseball cap, pendant and wristbands.



The description of all the products reads: “It’s not surprising that CM Punk cites the radical “Rowdy” Roddy Piper as a childhood influence. After all, Punk is the embodiment of the anti-establishment, the modern-day “Voice of the Voiceless,” whose skill at igniting verbal “pipe bombs” is rivaled only by Hot Rod himself. Punk even looks the part of rebel with his too-numerous-to-count tattoos and body piercings. Yet, he waxes way more philosophical than his exterior might suggest, and has shown a diverse set of interests that include ghost hunting, G. I. Joe and the “Straight Edge” movement.”

To view the products, click here.

– Promoting tonight’s Raw, Sheamus tweeted Monday, “The #BrogueClub is tippy-toeing into Sacramento Ca for #WWERaw tonight. But has me bloody nose healed?”

– This week’s WWE Classics On Demand updates are as follows: WWWF at Madison Square Garden (March 17, 1975), Rise and Fall of ECW, ECW Hardcore TV (May 12, 1998), WWF Mania (February 7, 1993), World Class Championship Wrestling’s Parade of Champions (May 3, 1987).

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