WWE ‘Remove’ Sasha Banks From Smackdown

As Sasha Banks continues to be on the outskirts of the newest edition of superstars taking runs towards the Women’s Title, it would seem that WWE are just over Sasha. This isn’t true, however. Dominik Mysterio WWE Girlfriend Leaks.



Backstage news at WWE stated that they want it to mean more when Sasha re-enters her feud with Bianca Belair.
The biggest takeaway is that there was no plan except for Bayley vs Belair after WrestleMania. This doesn’t hinder Sasha getting back into the picture eventually.

News also came down to us that Sasha is taking a little time off to let Belair and Bayley have the spotlight. We have been reporting this for weeks and we’re glad we were right.

WWE is letting this ride out for a while and they are in no hurry to get Sasha and Bianca back together, but rest assured, it will happen again.

“There was a rumor going around that Banks vs Belair was going to continue after Mania. We have confirmed that Bayley vs Belair was always the plan. We’ll have way more about why WWE is keeping Banks out of the title picture in an upcoming exclusive that is dropping very soon!” said Steve Carrier of Ringside News.

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