WWE Returning Legend Injured At Royal Rumble

WWE producer and legend The Hurricane was feeling a bit banged up after having a rough landing on his ankle last night during the Royal Rumble match. On a Fightful Select podcast, Sean Ross Sapp stated that he texted The Hurricane to ask if he was feeling good physically after the match, and Hurricane said, “No.”



The Hurricane, also known as Shane Helms, said backstage at the Rumble, “Well, we got a ThunderDome now, baby. So this is my first time in the ThunderDome, maybe not my last, maybe my last, I don’t know. But that’s interesting, that’s neat, to go out there and see all those screens, the virtual fans. That was actually pretty cool for me.”

Helms said he’s been in the ThunderDome as a producer, but now The Hurricane has arrived.

“Well, Shane Helms has been here. For The Hurricane to be here is actually more for them because some of these people grew up watching me. So, the reactions when they finally saw me in the suit, that meant a lot to me because a lot of people were running up, I’m taking pictures with a lot of the younger guys. As much as that means to them, it means even more to me.”

While Helms was at the Royal Rumble, Vince McMahon missed it for a sad reason.

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