WWE SD/ECW Live Results – August 8th, 2009

WWE Smackdown/ECW Live Event Results
August 8th, 2009 – Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Report by F4Wonline, James Kalyn



The ring announcer was Angela Fong. She was also the timekeeper; the bell sat on the ground in front of her and she rang it with a wrench.

I’d guess the attendance at a little better than 3,000 people. The arena was about half-full, which is a fair bit better than the last show here.

1. Melina & Maria d. Natalya & Layla. Melina pinned Layla after that move where she does the splits into a Final Cut.

2. Finlay pinned Drew MacIntyre with a Celtic Cross.

Between matches, the Bella Twins were introduced. They gave ringside seats to a kid who answered a trivia question.

3. Vladimir Kozlov pinned Goldust after an Iron Curtain. Kozlov is really really bad.

4. The Great Khali pinned Mike Knox after a hanging tree slam.

5. Christian retained the ECW title in a triple threat match with Tommy Dreamer and William Regal. Regal laid out Dreamer with a knee trembler, but Christian sunset flipped Regal off the second rope to win.


6. Shad Gaspard pinned Tyson Kidd. David Hart Smith threw Natalya’s shoe to Kidd, but Shad caught it and hit Kidd for the pin. Shad ran around the arena and got mobbed by fans before the match began. The crowd reacted to the Harts as heels. No sign of JTG.

7. John Morrison pinned Dolph Ziggler with Starship Pain. Very fun match.

8. CM Punk pinned Chris Jericho in a #1 contenders match by reversing the Walls of Jericho into a small package and grabbing the ropes. Jericho came out to a mixed reaction, but told the crowd they could call him Y2J and pointed out that Punk was a “nerd” for not liking beer, so the crowd accepted Jericho as their own. After the match, Punk offered his services as a better partner than Big Show; Jericho responded by hitting him with the mic and one of the tag title belts.

Morrison/Ziggler and Punk/Jericho were both quite good. Overall, a very fun show, mostly because the crowd loved everything. Goldust got chants. Drew MacIntyre got “you suck” chants. Tommy Dreamer got an E-C-dub chant. Great Khali entered to a standing ovation. In Regina, everyone is over.

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