WWE Signing Ex-World Champion Before SmackDown Rumor

WWE‘s ever-watchful eye spans across the entire pro wrestling landscape, keenly aware of the talents under various contracts. However, just because a wrestler becomes available and catches WWE’s attention doesn’t always guarantee a seamless debut with the company.



Recently, Nick Aldis made his exit from Impact Wrestling, making him a highly sought-after free agent. With both WWE and AEW vying for his signature, it appears WWE was already interested in bringing him on board.

With a commanding presence and imposing physique, Aldis possesses a unique blend of power and technical prowess. His in-ring style reflects a perfect balance of brute force and finesse, allowing him to dominate opponents with impactful maneuvers while also displaying technical proficiency and grappling expertise.

Nick Aldis is a master storyteller in the squared circle, adept at conveying emotions and creating compelling narratives throughout his matches. Whether he’s portraying a heroic figure or a cunning villain, Aldis excels at connecting with the audience on an emotional level, making his matches engrossing and memorable. His versatility and adaptability have allowed him to shine in various wrestling promotions, showcasing a vast array of moves, from power slams to intricate submission holds.

According to Ringside News – BWE, through their private Twitter account, revealed that WWE had come close to signing Nick Aldis for this year’s Royal Rumble event. While the timing didn’t align for his debut then, it seems like the opportunity for his entrance into the WWE remains a possibility.

However, the wrestling world will have to wait and see how this situation unfolds. WWE undoubtedly recognizes the potential of having someone like Nick Aldis in their ranks, despite not pulling the trigger last time. Now that he’s available once again, the prospects of him joining WWE look more promising.

Rumors are swirling that WWE might also consider utilizing Nick Aldis in a backstage producer role. Given his experience and expertise, he could undoubtedly excel in that capacity. But let’s not forget, Aldis still has plenty to offer in the wrestling ring itself.

As a free agent, Nick Aldis finds himself in a favorable position with a world of options before him.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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