WWE SmackDown Gone From FOX Next Week

It was apparently just a matter of time.



Over the years, WWE’s production values have failed so miserably that their TV deals get pulled right from under them. That’s what happens when producers become complacent and produce absolute nonsense that even a five-year-old can’t make head nor tails of. It would appear that WWE is on the chopping block once again, even if the press aren’t saying this is the reason. I am certain that this is all due to to HHH and Shawn Michaels – two degenerates now running the WWE madhouse.

As per Ringside News, Survivor Series 2022 War Games is days away from taking place in the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. WWE has yet to unveil the fifth and final participant in the Women’s WarGames match for the upcoming event. HHH is keeping the big revelation for WWE SmackDown this Friday (big whoop) WWE has plans for after Survivor Series, and they are forced to switch up SmackDown for a week.

The post-Survivor Series WWE SmackDown has been switched from FOX to FS1 – the inferior channel of Fox. SmackDown will now air on FS1 rather than FOX on December 2. It’s because of the PAC-12 College Football Championship game coverage. So, I guess this means that college football is now more popular than WWE. I don’t think AEW would get messed around like that – Cody.

SmackDown will air live on FS1 at 8 p.m. ET on Dec 2nd, again at 10 p.m. and then at midnight. SmackDown will also be aired live from the KeyBank Center in Buffalo, New York.

That’s it in a nutshell people in social media land. 

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Robert Hadley
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