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WWE SmackDown Live Results (6/4)

SmackDown Live

  • CC

    A bit of a “meh” episode. Not bad, but certainly not great.
    Owens and Zayn are back to being jobbers it seems.

    Another stupid suspension of the 24/7 rule (how is it 24/7 if it can be suspended at will?), and another stupid “oh, but we forgot as soon as the match ends the suspension ends” booking decision. Are we to believe Shane is that dumb?

    The Revival are made to look weak again.

    Bliss wins the 3 way because we all know the match in Saudi is not gonna end up in a title change, and WWE obviously does not want Charlotte Cena to lose there. Plus brand split is proved to be even more worthless day by day.

    Andrade vs Crews … what was the point?