WWE Star ‘Goes Broke’ Gambling In Las Vegas

WWE star Baron Corbin has portrayed a gimmick where he is failing to meet the ends of life as he is going through financial crisis. He recently posted a video of himself turning his fortunes around in Las Vegas. Corbin is currently desperate for money.He has now seemingly seen his newfound luck run out in a new video from WWE.



Bad luck for Baron Corbin continues

The fans have been happily following along with the storyline. After the initial video of Corbin was posted, many fans eagerly anticipated a potential report of Corbin’s luck running out again. In the video that WWE posted, Corbin mentioned that he thought he was on a roll and his luck was finally turning around. But, Corbin then went on to say that nothing ever good happens in Las Vegas. Mick Foley Daughter Drops Logan Paul Bombshell

Corbin went on to say that he is now down to his last couple hundred dollars. Corbin’s said at the end of the video that he “has to make this work”.

WWE is reportedly planning a major twist in the Corbin storyline. We will see how this story progresses.

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