WWE Star jokes about AEW World Title theft

Chris Jericho losing the AEW World Title belt has been a hot topic of discussion among wrestling fans and even stars from his own company have joked about the same.



WWE Star Matt Hardy also joined the discussion and he made a comical video about the whole situation in front of a Longhorn Steakhouse store.

In the video as seen below, the former Champion is seen coming out of the steakhouse after dinner but he realizes that he has forgotten his ‘belt’ and he rushes back:

Though Hardy took on his Twitter later and made it clear that he was just having fun with the situation and not taking shots at the first-ever AEW World Champion:

As we noted before, the AEW World Title belt was apparently stolen while Chris Jericho was eating at the mentioned steak house. Though it was later found dumped on a roadside and it was turned over to the police.

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