Former WWE Star Punches Fan, WWE Trying to Block MMA Bill in CT?

– Former WWE star Colin Delaney reportedly punched a fan in the face last night after his match at an independent wrestling show in Binghamton, New York. The fan, said to be in his early twenties, was talking trash to Delaney during the match. Delany reportedly spit water in the fan’s face during the match, and then punched the fan after the fan spit on him following the match.



– The Hartford Courant reports that a state representative Matthew Lesser in Connecticut has accused WWE of trying to block MMA from being regulated in that state.

Lesser has introduced a bill that would legalize MMA in Connecticut but says WWE is lobbying against it. WWE spokesman Robert Zimmerman said that WWE is not opposed to the MMA bill or anything else Connecticut wants to do with regards to sports or entertainment.

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