WWE Star Reveals He’s Quitting During Raw

James Drake announced he’s leaving WWE in October in a tweet during Raw.



Over the past few years, WWE’s Performance Center has undergone significant changes, particularly when it comes to its Head Coach position. The most notable change occurred after Bill Demott was released from his position as Head Coach, a move that many welcomed. Recently, Demott spoke out about the allegations leveled against him during his time with WWE.

Bill Demott is one of the most controversial figures in WWE history, having served as the Head Coach of NXT a few years ago. He resigned from his position amid allegations of abuse and misconduct, which gained widespread attention on social media and in the media at large.

It is widely known that Demott often used offensive language to belittle individuals and was even accused of making homophobic remarks. Additionally, he was accused of intentionally causing injuries or exacerbating existing injuries through neglect or malice. Demott denied all such allegations against him.

During a conversation with Steve Fall, Demott addressed the allegations of abuse and misconduct. Demott stated that an investigation was conducted into the allegations, and no evidence was found to support them. However, he recognized that he had garnered too much negative attention and that NXT was gaining traction as a brand, prompting him to resign from his position.

“When I took over FCW, which eventually became NXT, I knew it had a shelf life before the rise of social media and other platforms. When the allegations came out, there was a full investigation, and the company stated that they found no evidence to support the claims. However, social media was ablaze, and WWE didn’t want the negative attention. NXT was just starting to tour outside of Florida, and I had made a promise to Triple H that I wouldn’t do anything to embarrass him or the company. In situations like this, you have two options: fight and add fuel to the fire or step away and let everyone move forward. I chose the latter and appreciated my time with the company.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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