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NXT Star still being punished over comments about Emma’s release?

Lio Rush NXT

It appears that WWE officials are still upset with Lio Rush due to his tweet about Emma’s WWE release since the company has not let the NXT Star perform ever since.

For those who missed it, Lio had sent out a tweet after Emma’s release saying “I guess these are the things that happen when you are not truly ready for @WWEAsuka”

While Lio did apologize for the tweet after receiving harsh comments, it was noted that several backstage personalities were not happy with it.

Later Wrestling Observer reported that at one point, there were talks of firing Lio Rush over the incident and it was said he would have to put in some serious work to get the heat off him.

It was first reported back in July that Lio has been offered a WWE contract and the company confirmed his signing back in August this year.

  • MrDr3w

    I’m not saying they were wrong for punishing him for it. I’m saying that I think the reason he got punished was because he broke kayfabe, not because of the actual comment.

    You think the guys in the back office give a damn about an off-color comment aimed towards a girl they fired for having a bad rapport with just about everyone in the company? Paige’s new stable is called “Absolution” for god’s sake. Lol they don’t care about petty little jokes.

  • CC

    So all the wrestlers and back office people who called him out on this are wrong and you are right ..gotcha.

  • MrDr3w

    Let’s remember who the tweet was aimed at, and the reason for their firing, before we start calling anyone a douche… Emma will be fine. She’s a damn good WRESTLER, and she’s young. You have to have a thick skin when you’re working for the WWE, and I’m sure that tweet didn’t hurt her one bit. She’s not a snowflake. #MakeEmmaGreatAgain #MEGA

  • CC

    If you think making a joke about someone losing their job is not douchey, then you are a douche too. And every time someone uses the cliche term snowflake, that just marks them as a douche too.

  • Max

    Funny how people in America thinks liberalism is the left when it is actually the right. Americans apparently haven’t read Adam Smith’s work.

  • MrDr3w

    What was douchey about it? He was making a joke. I didn’t see anything offensive about it. If Emma got squashed, or completely sucked in her matches against Asuka, then I could see how his comment would be in poor taste. But Emma totally outwrestled Asuka. He may have exposed the business and broke the fourth wall, but that’s it. Bottom line: it was a joke. Calm down, snowflake.

  • CC

    That’s right, he is free to give douche bag comments, and fellow colleagues are free to give him crap for being a douche. And hey, I’d rather be liberal scum, than be a douche like him and you.

  • John

    Freedom of speech liberal scum

  • CC

    douche bag comment, so any heat is deserved