WWE Supershow Report – August 7th, 2009

WWE Supershow Report – August 7th, 2009
Denver, Colorado
Report by PWInsider, Grant S.



1) Christian def. Tommy Dreamer in a hardcore match to retain the ECW title. It was a solid match with a lot of similar spots from their match this past Tuesday on ECW.

2) Jamie Noble def. Alex Riley (I believe that’s who it was, it was hard to hear live but after looking at the FCW roster I’m 99% sure it was him.) Riley cut a “I’m better than you” promo before the match before losing to Noble to a roll-up.

3) Jack Swagger def. Primo. Decent back and forth match with each person getting in some solid spots.

4) Evan Bourne def. Chavo in a pretty good match after Hornswoggle ran in and did some of Eddie’s old taunts and distracted Chavo, allowing Bourne to hit the shooting star press (which looks awesome live) for the win.

5) Big Show def. Mark Henry. This was a pretty good match considering who it was. Big Show played the role of the cowardly heel by staying out of the ring and running to the ropes everytime they’d lock up early in the match. Then after Mark Henry nailed a body slam on the Big Show, Show threw Henry into the turnbuckle (which he took the cover off earlier) then nailed his Punch of Doom for the win.

6) Jeff Hardy def. CM Punk in a ladder match for the World Heavyweight Championship. Punk cut a promo similar to the ones recently on TV denouncing everyone for doing drugs and drinking as he said it was beneath him to wrestle in an arena with beer banners posted to his left and right. This was the best match of the night (I know, big surprise right?) as they both still did some pretty fun spots, especially when you consider it wasn’t a taped match or anything. It was a really competitive match with Punk taking most of the big bumps before Hardy was able to climb up and grab the belt.


7) Kofi def. MVP & Carlito in a Triple Threat match for the US Title. This was advertised as a Fatal Fourway including the Miz, but unless I missed something after missing the 1st half of the match from coming back from intermission he wasn’t there. Solid, fun action from what I saw, with the finish coming when Carlito nailed the Backstabber on MVP then took the Trouble in Paradise kick from Kofi.

8) Gail Kim & Mickie James def. Beth Phoenix & Rosa Mendes in a SummerSlam Swimsuit match. Gail Kim was in the match the majority of the time which was a good thing as she was awesome as usual. Forgive me if I don’t recall the specifics of the match as I was a little, ahem, distracted. Mickie and Gail ended up going over in a match that was better than I think a lot expected.

–Intermission– (So they could construct the cage)

9) Randy Orton def. Triple H to retain the WWE Title. This was a match that was pretty similar to their other match or two this year. HHH nailed the Pedigree on Orton, but then Legacy ran out to distract the ref and nail a shot on H to keep the H from winning. Orton ended up hitting the RKO but HHH kicked out of that keeping the match going. Legacy ran in again, this time really pounding on H allowing Orton to sneak out through the door to win the match. Triple H ended up nailing Cody with a char a few times after the match and then hit the Pedigree to send the fans home happy.

All in all it was a really solid show which ended up going about 3 hours with none of the matches really feeling rushed and no matches really dragging along at all. However, now we need WWE to bring a bigger show here (i.e. PPV) as we haven’t had one since they held WWE Vengeance here in July 2003. They should just make sure to book it in the summer when all the sport teams are done.

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