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WWE Title Changes Hands on RAW, CM Punk Returns to WWE

– After Rey Mysterio won the WWE Title in the opener against The Miz on tonight’s RAW from Hampton, Virginia, he lost it in the main event to John Cena.

Cena became the new WWE Champion but was confronted by a returning CM Punk after the match. Punk came out to “Cult of Personality” by Living Colour, a theme song he has used in the past. Punk was wearing his “Best in the World” t-shirt and wearing his WWE Title belt.

Punk and Cena came face to face in the ring, both holding up their belts, adding speculating that the two will face at SummerSlam in a WWE Title match.

  • CM Mark

    @Marky Mark
    I don’t BLAME ANYONE for anything. I am just saying, as you stated, in the writing/booking whatever, Cena/Orton have been burying everyone for years.

    Now if you want my opinion, I used to like Orton more than Cena, now I like Cena more than Orton. Orton needs to break out of the same BS RKO ending every time. He needs a fresh storyline. I mean, Cena is still doing the same BS moves BUT his storyline is fresh and so he looks better, while doing the same 3 moves. Orton needs to follow suit, I liked the Christian fued at first, but it feels a lot like the Punk Heel turn in ’09.

    And BTW, jab away man, you’re not gonna hurt my feelings. I just don’t like people that TROLL.

  • zman

    title vs title again? both belts that cena and punk carry were the same WTF??!!
    Anyone remember when chris jericho won the unified title and beat rock and austin to unify smackdown belt and raw belts!!
    also razon ramon vs HBK IC title vs IC title ! not this story line again super lame!

  • Ronald

    As much as I want Christian to have to the title I think it is pretty obvious what is going to happen on Smackdown. Triple HHH is clearly playing a face role right now so that means he is either going to strip Christian of the title due to all the legal shit Christian “pulled” or he is going to give Randy Orton rematch after rematch until Orton gets the title back. Also it was nice to see Punk come out, but after Cena pinned Rey I was begging Del Rio to cash in. Cena is a much better character when he is chasing the title.

  • Wellsy

    Cena a champ again? FFS.

  • mark

    why did they have cena win back the title. why not have mysterio vs punk at summerslam. Cena should stay out of the title picture for a while .

  • Soulshroude

    I agree with Jimbo about the corporate take-over, attitude era replay storyline. CM-Austin, in words.

  • Marky Mark

    Also that’s not a jab, at you CM MARK. I’m just generalizing that it’s a stupid ass concept to believe guys like Orton and Cena personally bury guys. They are not the clique of this generation.

  • Marky Mark

    BOOKING buries the wrestlers, not Cena or Orton. They just do what they
    are told, as are the opponents of Cena/Orton, etc… Fucking broken record on here, having to constantly tell you marks this.

    Cena really buried Miz that 160 days he was champ, eh? Oh wait…. that’s what creative booked, the same guys who also booked him to win at WM…. oh wait…. so you mean Creative booked Miz to get buried againt Cena at OTL in a “I Quit” match, and then job to his worthless lackey? NOT CENA?! WHA?!?!?! I never heard such a thing?!


  • Treg

    Waay too soon =(

  • CM Mark

    The title wasn’t Reys or Cenas to win to begin with anyway though…

  • CM Mark

    That’s what Cena/Orton do best. Bury the REAL talent.

  • Howe

    I’m with DR. Seriously though, I feel for Rey. You have him job like crazy, then finally make him look good…only to make him lose the title the VERY same night he gets it? Come on! Give him a decent title reign, not one that lasts less than 2hrs.

  • JD


    Did you not see Triple H during the Attitude Era? He’s exactly as Cena is now.

  • erik

    just like i said vince hogan 2.0 i mean cena is back. I have respect for hhh because he has not put a wwe title on himself for 2 years. hhh unlike cena would rather work behind scences help young guys.

  • JIR

    Have to say I saw it coming but I am interested in how its going to play out

  • Devil_Rising

    I do feel like they brought CM Punk back too soon. I also feel like it was really cheap to let Rey win the belt, and lose it in the same night. Even lamer than what they did to Christian.

    Cult of Personality was a nice touch though. And for any wondering, yes, CM Punk WOULD be the real WWE Champ right now, even if they DO need to get rid of that shit-sock belt.

  • K Roy

    I agree about it not being played out long enough, but perhaps its all according to the plan and this will actually be one that works out instead of being a bust…one can hope..can’t knock the run of the last 4-5 weeks, its been great and exciting for once…

    also was pretty cool during the stand off to see cena raise the title and have the crowd moderately cheer for him, but then when punk raised his the crowd ROARED! like a classic, austin, rock ROAR…loved that and loved the confidence in the character to face off the pops like they did. it shows us that they know how over he is and are going to run with it…

  • theMark

    I find it funny that we all knew punk was going to come back, and for those idiots who are payin over $400 for punks new shirt, will now be on shopzone soon for like $25…..retards.

  • jimbo jones

    Tim, I’m glad I’m not the only one who caught that.

  • Del Rio 4 Prez

    I like all these shenanigans going on. Just when the Coleminer shit and the following boringness had me about ready to switch off wrestling for a couple months they snagged me back again. I think they’re doing the right thing not milking this CM Punk leaving thing, sometimes its just best NOT to drag things out (i.e. Cole/Lawler, Anonymous General manager). Thats when it starts to become boring. CM Punk walking out tonite with the REAL WWE title… priceless! Couldnt have played it better. And the whole Vince getting “fired” angle is a nice change of pace, give it a year he’ll be back as a face. (He’s obviously not really ousted as CEO of WWE. Check out WWE’s corporate website he’s still listed as CEO) Good Job to them all, should be a nice ratings boost for awhile… i know im watching. =)

  • Tim

    Not only is it Punk’s old song but its the song they used for Austin’s hall of fame induction. Coincidence? Haha. So great to feel in love with wrestling again and lets hope that lasts. I can only hope they take Austin’s advice and sign Joe too.

  • Pissed Off Fan :(

    I think they should have ketped Punk out till the ME at SummerSlam, not even mention him to make it seem alot morr realistic. Then when Cena was about to win agianst Del Rio, out of nowhere comes Punk amd screws Cena

  • Stuart

    No pun intended 😉

  • Stuart has an exclusive video of CM simply saying “I’m back”. So if anyone is under the impression that they are going to play out the signing angle, well that pretty much puts it to sleep.

  • wwefan414

    actually punk was at comic con and it is setting up hhh vs punk at wrestlemania punk will be this eras stone cold steve austin. and hopefully cena will turn heel

  • cj

    Man I almost feel bad for the marks that were paying 500 dollars on ebay for those shirts, Vince would NEVER allow anyone to legitimately leave with the company’s top belt…I almost believed he was really leaving TILL i saw the new shirt, then i knew they (wwe)wouldn’t have invested in a new shirt for just one night, even if they did sell out….In any event im sure we will see those shirts on wwe’s website (and everywhere else)VERY soon…

  • Bleh

    That’s cool he came back but I freaking hate it when they come out already in their gear and didn’t even fight during the show. It’s stupid it makes it seem like yea he’s been there the entire show instead of just showing up like he should have. Oh and yea not sure if anyone else caught it but the title had cm punk on it on which I thought was pretty stupid too. It just made it even more seem like he had already been re-signed so what was the purpose of crowning a new champ this week when he was more then likely already “back”. I like the stand off punk and cena had but I just thought it was pretty stupid the way wwe went about it. Lol rant over.

  • Jimbo

    Oh I’m not dreaming, just thinking of possible scenarios. I’d actually rather see HHH and Punk as faces….but Punk needs to have that Vince McMahon personality hovering over him if he’s going to make it work… I don’t even know anymore….which is a good thing, I guess. Wrestling is too often too predictable anyway.

  • Daniel_Bryan_fan

    Great Punk is back 😀 makes u wonder tho him returning with the classic ROH theme cult of personality him mentioning colt and ROH in recent weeks… i wont get my hopes up tho
    miseria cantare always be one of his best

  • Evil Doink

    Yeah, this all played out way too fast. Punk should have stayed away for a month or two, not 1 week! They could have kept us guessing a little longer, and created so much more speculation and hype…. oh well, can’t have everything.

  • Kevin

    HHH isnt playing a heel so keep dreaming Jimbo..I wish you were right but he brought JR back and had Cole fight Ryder and made Mysterio fight the so called face Super Cena.. I can see where maybe Vince had some ind of control till midnight last monday and hired Punk but wouldnt HHH of known that and mentioned it tonight. I think they are thinking there selves out of a great angle.

  • CM Punk 86

    What A Return that entrance was awesome Cult of personality wow with that video.

  • CM Mark


  • Marky Mark


    No point in milking it anymore. Punk is too over to have him sit around showing up at random places that the majority of the “WWE Universe” will and have not seen.

    The way you milk this is too have Punk win again. Not sit around.

  • Jimbo

    Or….hmm…I was about to say Cena becomes HHH’s “corporate” champion and turns heel, but that would require Cena to, well, turn heel. So more likely Punk is the corporate champion and helped conspire with HHH to take over the company.

  • Stuart

    Wow, I haven’t marked out in so long…It feels so good to love watching raw again. With CM Punk and the “shoot” promo, Ryder on raw, Bryan money in the bank and Christian as champ, I am finally starting to have faith that McMahon is LISTENING TO US..I mean they are saying on the air everything we say and doing the things that not only should be done but that we want done. I am feeling a new era and CM fuckin PUNK is leading the charge!!! and hell yeah the Cult Of Personality entrance was awesome, I hope he keeps it and I hope Cena goes heal once and for all.

  • BigDckJohnson

    Hears a thought…Del rio cashes in on cena then facing punk at summer slam? Takes cena out of the picture and you have a legit face vs. heel match.

  • d

    Sheesh cenas going to have 20 title reigns by years end

  • Notingham

    NOOOOOO! You cannot have these two meet again… Not right now at least.. You can’t have it happen so soon…. One freaking PPV after he leaves? It has to be milked.

    I’m hoping it will be one of those things where Punk teases he’ll resign… But Cena has to be stripped of the fake title.

    PS. Cult of personality entrace was awesome.

  • TheMark

    The change in music to emphasise he’s officially a face now I guess.

  • Ronald

    Anybody else notice the quality difference in the two belts?? Punk’s was clearly the real deal and Cena’s wasn’t.