WWE Top SmackDown Star Loses Huge Deal

WWE SmackDown color commentator Pat McAfee has been the host of ‘Pat McAfee Show’ podcast.  It has been noted that McAfee told The New York Post that the show’s time at SiriusXM is done after the network “never made an offer to continue our partnership” and there are “no ill feelings” between the two sides.



Pat McAfee and SiriusXM part ways

Chris “Mad Dog” Russo broke the news of McAfee and SiriusXM parted ways amicably, according to Sports Illustrated’s Jimmy Traina on Monday.

“Sirius doesn’t provide any information on who/if anybody listens, so all of our business agreements with our other fantastic partners has been done strictly off of our YouTube and social media presences so it legitimately affects nothing other than we won’t be able to be listened to by whomever was potentially listening on SiriusXM,” McAfee told The Post.

“I have heard from some of our Sirius Listeners today on Social and in our YouTube comments, I’m very grateful for those that listened to us on XM. I took a lot of pride in being a host who could hopefully paint a picture for those who couldn’t watch what was happening. I have no clue how many folks listened on Sirius but I appreciate them all for taking a chance on us. We’ll continue to move forward and hopefully continue creating a product worth consuming.”

McAfee further mentioned that they have spoken to a few places about housing that audio-only version of the show, which only was 5 percent of the McAfee Show revenue while it was on SiriusXM. Pat’s partnership with FanDuel may provide at least one potential avenue. The FanDuel Group announced last week its intent to launch the FanDuel TV network and the OTT platform FanDuel+ in September. McAfee’s PMI Network will be producing content for the FanDuel network

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