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WWE Universal Championship hasn’t been defended on RAW in over a year

  • BiggEZ

    I can dig that.

  • BiggEZ

    Normally, they probably would have done that, except that Vince wanted someone to break Punk’s record, so he made Brock “unbeatable” until he breaks the record.

  • Yes

    I’m not saying Lesnar is not a family man, I’m saying that’s not his motivation. Lesnar does not have a passion for the business. The only reason he came back in the first place was because he had diverticulitis and could not do MMA. So what did he do? Worked out a big money deal for a handful of dates a year.

  • vintage gentleman

    Your right..

  • Steven Stevens

    Don’t hate Brock, he’s not in charge. Hate WWE. Rename the universal championship the part time championship. Not sure why people can’t wait to see the back of him, he’s one of a kind. He will leave a big hole in pro wrestling when he’s finally done.

    Fans should know by now the wrestlers the least easiest to like are the ones we will miss the most.

  • EVH

    Mistake #1 is not having the WWE Championship on Raw. It is THE championship and it isnt on the “flagship” show?? WTF???
    The Universal title shouldve gone to SDLive where it wouldve grown with the brand and having someone like AJ bring credibility to the title wouldve been a better idea.

  • CC

    Disagree on that. The fact they are now cheaper than ever makes them more likely to be watched, thus special. But if the free to air shows have lots of title matches all the time, then that will probably end up with lots of people no longer subscribing.

    If you want to go back to paying 5 or 6 times the cost for a PPV, knock yourself out.

  • vintage gentleman

    I get what you’re saying but pay-per-view stop being special once they introduced WWE Network

  • CC

    The main title being defended on tv is not done anywhere near as much as people seem to think.
    As much as the lack of Lesnar defending the title is annoying, and seriously not good, main title defences should be at PPVs, not on tv. The odd one here and there, yes, but if you have it defended on tv for free all the time, how the hell is a PPV special anymore?

  • vintage gentleman

    Strip Brock of the title, bring back King of the Ring, winner of the tournament is your new Universal champion…

  • The Truth

    He ain’t helping things. No one bought into Stone Cold Roman when he attacked Jindar backstage and put him through a wall and everyone sees through Roman coming down to save Rollins, one of the only faces on that show we actually like. If WWE thinks that having Roman wrestle several times a night to show how much he loves this and how tough he is, that ain’t gonna work either.

  • oppa

    The sad thing is people will still think everything is Roman’s fault.

  • Jeffrey Zin


  • Kristopher Robinson

    But how often was it defended on RAW before the KO vs Strauman match….

  • Yes

    In other news, Vince hates Punk, Lesnar hates wrestling, and we hate them both.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Remember when they used to strip the champion if the belt wasn’t defended for a certain amount of time? Obviously it doesn’t apply to brock though….absolute joke