WWE unsure of what Greatest Royal Rumble winner will get

With the Greatest Royal Rumble right around the corner, you would assume that the WWE might know what they’re doing with the match. You’d be wrong, oddly enough.



Sports Illustrated‘s Justin Barrasso took to Twitter today to deliver a pair of tweets regarding the Greatest Royal Rumble match. In his first tweet, he stated that the GRR will be treated like a normal Royal Rumble, with separate entrances instead of a battle royal style match.

However, his next tweet would confuse some people, as he revealed that when it comes to what the winner of the match will receive, the WWE currently has no idea.

The Greatest Royal Rumble PPV has had some really strange issues since it was announced. On Raw, the superstars more or less, besides Roman Reigns, looked past GRR to Backlash.

The Rusev debacle alone has been one of the weirdest stories we’ve seen in some time, with the WWE announcing a Casket Match between him and the Undertaker, then replacing him with Jericho, then putting him back in the match.

To be honest, it looks like the company has no idea what’s happening at the event.

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