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WWE will do away with Wild Card Rule quietly

Earlier this year, Vince McMahon brought in The Wild Card Rule, which for the most part has not done much for the improvement of the product and has received a lot of backlash. It seems that its time is almost up if reports are to be believed.

According to a report by Tom Colohue, WWE will be dropping the Wild Card Rule once Summerslam is done with. It will be done away with quietly.

“They’re quietly wrapping up the wild card rule. No big announcement or anything. There’s a lot of people who want it to end. Companies, sponsors, management and talent. You don’t get another Lynch and Rousey moment without that Survivor Series format.”

It certainly makes sense for this to happen, as this way a variety of talent will get more television time. On top of that, Survivor Series will truly be the special as it will be the only event where both brands face off. So the removal of the Wild Card Rule is definitely needed.

We will provide updates regarding the Wild Card Rule once we learn more.

  • CC

    I can easily see another draft happening before The Fox deal starts as the last one was such a mess, with people being transferred one week, transferred back the next week or just random stars showing up weeks after the draft with us being told they had been drafted even though there had been no prior notification.

    I don’t think they even knew what they were doing.

    With Heyman and Bischoffs appointments, it makes perfect sense to use that in storyline to create a new draft.

  • Will Henderson

    not only do away with the wildcard rule, but also do a second redo WWE “Superstar Shakeup” with heavy influence from Fox and USA as in listen to them before doing it this time to see which talents they want to see on their show’s roster.

  • Sparti Love

    The Wild Card was one of the dumbest things WWE implemented in the past year. Glad they realized it was stupid. Then again they should have learned the first time when they did something similar several years ago with the RAW SuperShow that allowed SD wrestlers there

  • Dirt McGirt

    Good. I don’t want to see Reigns on Raw or Drew on Smackdown.

  • CC

    The wild card rule sucks, and the sooner it vanishes, the better.
    You either have a brand split or you don’t, so having this strange middle ground just does not work.