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WWE’s backup plan on the off-chance Braun Strowman isn’t cleared for TLC

Braun Strowman had his elbow ”shattered” at the hands of Baron Corbin on RAW. But it was actually done so that WWE could write Braun off WWE television, as he actually required elbow surgery. WWE had only exaggerated the severity.

On  PW Insider Elite audio, Mike Johnson discussed what backup plan WWE had in case Braun Strowman isn’t medically cleared for TLC. He said how the expectations among those he spoke to were that Braun would make it for TLC.

But it’s unsure just how severe the elbow injury is when they would operate on him. Also, how long it will take for him to heal. He would go on to say how he was told that WWE would still have Braun on TV one way or the other.

He also noted that another likely scenario would be Braun decimating Corbin in a very one-sided match. This way he wouldn’t have to wrestle much until the Royal Rumble. At the moment the situation isn’t grave.

We do hope Braun makes it back in time for TLC so that he can beat Baron Corbin and get another opportunity to face Brock Lesnar for the Universal Title at the Royal Rumble.

  • Soulshroude

    I’m with CC. No one knows a damned thing regarding Brauns situation. Quit trying to give your readers fake news, even when you think it’s real… you’re all reaching. wait for a week or two and bring us legitimate facts.

  • CC

    I had an argument before on here with Anotosh about him reporting Meltzers comments as “confirmed”. I said that nothing is confirmed until it happens, and he gave the defense that he gets a lot of stuff right. I pointed out that he equally gets a lot of stuff wrong as well.
    And as you say, when he does get something wrong, he says “plans changed”, and age old fall back line.
    Meltzer is getting a lot of negativity these days because of his star rating on matches being ridiculous but I also think it is because sites like these constantly reporting him as fact.
    It really gets on my nerves when a story reports what he says as fact and when you read his statement, he says “in my opinion” or “speculation is”, neither of which is fact. No different to you or I speculating what WWE or NJPW might do with one of their talent etc.
    That though is not Meltzers fault as that is down to the people who write these articles, but I do get the feeling the pedestal people put him on has gone to his head and he believes his hype.

  • Keith Learmonth

    I will never understand what people see in Melzter.

    He’s no different than any other dirt sheets. Sometimes it feels like he just makes stuff up, and if WWE doesn’t go with his idea, he’s like “Plans changed”, instead of just admitting he got bad information.

  • CC

    Not only is is essentially the same article three times, it is all by the same guy so you cannot even blame it onto people not reading other peoples articles.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Agree I actually been trying to stay away from all the wrestling dirt sheet because it really all the same to me. Boring and most of them have no idea what they are talking about.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Like we didn’t know that if Braun Strowman make to TLC it was going to be a one sided match. Heck even if it wasn’t for the injury I still think that was going to happen.

  • Tom Newland

    I mean seriously? The backup plan for Strowman not making it to TLC is Strowman will hopefully make it to TLC? That ain’t no damn back up plan!

  • Tom Newland

    So…. what’s the back up plan?? This website is becoming a joke! Same article, different title, no new info! I’m done!

  • CC

    You have now published three separate stories on this, and each of them gives a so called insider knowledge that is totally different.
    First of all it’s Meltzer saying it’s the bone spur thing. Then PWI insider saying it is so Corbin looks a viable opponent by having Strowman weakened. Now it is PWI insider again and they are now backing up Meltzers story and basically adding nothing to it by just speculating what they might do and that they have no actual plans.