Zack Ryder Talks About His YouTube Show

Zack Ryder was recently interviewed by Sam Roberts of and spoke about the popularity of his Z! True Long Island Story video series.



After his former ‘Edgehead’ gimmick ran its course on SmackDown a few years ago, Ryder said he was getting “zero” television time and had to take matters into his own hands to get exposure. Ryder says he hated having long hair back when he was an Edgehead – and his current “Broski” character is “100% him.” Ryder says whatever he’s doing is working, because he’s been featured on RAW in recent weeks and is getting the biggest push of his career.

When asked about whether he’s gotten heat from WWE management over his YouTube videos, Ryder said, “There wasn’t any trouble, but I was definitely kind of hesitant and kind of scared. But at the same time I was like, listen, they’re not doing anything with me, so if I’m going to go out, I’m going to go out swinging. All or nothing, this is my last shot. I wouldn’t say it paid off, but it’s finally been recognized.”

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