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Backstage news on Hulk Hogan’s WWE return

Hulk Hogan

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there have been lots of talks within WWE about Hulk Hogan returning to the company in the recent time, which may be an indication of his return.

Though instead of taking an active role, Hogan is expected to work as an ambassador for the company like many other WWE legends and the possibilities of him becoming a TV regular are not very bright.

Although it’s all said to be dependent on whether or not WWE Officials become reasonably sure that bringing Hogan back will not cause any backlash from fans.

It’s worth noticing here, that WWE recently featured a Hogan poster in a WWE Kids magazine, which was released internationally but not in the United States.

WWE terminated Hulk’s contract back in 2015 over his racist comments controversy. They also removed all of his mentioned from their website around the same time and pulled all his merchandise from their store as well.

It’s interesting to note here that in an Interview after this controversy, Triple H said that he is hopeful about Hogan’s return. Now it’d be interesting to see where these speculations lead us and if we really see Hulk returning to WWE anytime soon.

  • D2K

    Terry Bollea is a guy that probably suffers from some type of un-diagnosed mental disorder. He’s done lots of great things and helped a lot of people, and he’s done lots of terrible things and hurt a lot of people. He’s told the stone cold truth on a lot of matters, but in other instances he lied so much that he doesn’t even realize that we know that he’s lying. It’s like he’s two different people. You can’t deny what he said, but you also can’t deny how many brothers he looked out for over the years either.

    Nothing he’s said or done can diminish or erase what the character HULK HOGAN has accomplished in this industry. Since I don’t idolize athletes, politicians, entertainers and I realize they sin just like I do, I can separate that from their performance in their chosen profession. I’m African-American and even though I was disappointed in his remarks, he should never have been fired. It was one of the biggest exercises in hypocrisy I ever saw.

    That said I’m not sure what good he can do as an ambassador here in the states. Maybe overseas where people aren’t over-saturated with PC BS he could be useful. I would just settle for the Code-Red being completely lifted (yes I am aware that Hogan has appeared in some footage here and there and has been mentioned on TV in recent months.) As far as on-screen, I think Wrestlemania 30 was the best way for him to go out with arguably 3/4ths of WWE’s Mt. Rushmore in the ring.

  • Andrew Zuniga

    He’s a o piece of s!@#

  • MrDr3w

    I don’t.

  • D2K

    Ho Kogan! will return after these messages!

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    I dont

  • jrock2310

    everyone loves hulk.