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– This Tuesday, August 11th, “The Game” Triple H will be a special guest on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, along with actor Ashton Kutcher. Fallon was recently asked about HHH during a Q and A video on his website and said he was a big fan. [Source – ProWrestling.NET]

– It was recently reported that Dolph Ziggler was booked to win the Intercontinental Championship from Rey Mysterio at WWE’s Night of Champions, however the idea overturned by Vince McMahon. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Mysterio was unhappy at the prospect of dropping his title so quickly, especially after he had been promised a long stint without having to drop the belt so frequently. Mysterio is scheduled to meet Ziggler in a rematch for the title at Summerslam in several weeks.

  • Matt

    russ on Sun, 9th Aug 2009 11:18 PM

    Anyone ever heard the phrase “The man should make the title, the title shouldn’t make the man”

    The Rock won the title in his first 3 months when people openly said he lacked in-ring experience…

  • Daniel Stockwell

    I understand Rey has lost his step but when did everyone start hating the guy? Rey was loved by us all, the casual and the mark and with good reason. He was great to watch and generally he would have great feuds. He is the perfect babyface. I think he has a right to request a long run with the belt because over the last several years, they waste his title reigns, because he can’t cut it with the big boys. It is a shame because he still is one of best members of the WWE roster.

    Also, as someone said… Rey holding the belt for a while will be good for the belt. It’s nice to see some more emphasis on US and IC titles lately so by them trying to make it more prestigious, who are we to complain – we’re going to get what we wanted back for years, some US and IC action. If only they could do the same with the tag titles but bless them, they are trying.

    Sadly, Ziggler is in the wrong place at the wrong time but in time he will get and will deserve his shot.

  • Syxx70

    Never talk about MVP even though that is true. But MVP deserves to be in the Main Event unlike rey, dolph etc…

  • Karina

    It’s about time Rey gets a good title run. He deserves it, seeing how he’s a fan favorite, including mine, and is totally about the industry unlike some other wrestlers. Ziggler might be good and everything, but he should earn the title opportunity more, not by beating the crap out of someone from behind or out of nowhere. & I would LOVE to see Rey be in the Heavyweight title hunt, be better if WWE brought the cruiserweight title though…

  • russ

    Anyone ever heard the phrase “The man should make the title, the title shouldn’t make the man”. Dolph needs some more time establishing himself as a character before they go ahead and slap a belt on him. Don’t get me wrong, he has great potential, but it seems too soon to win the IC title. Too many times a guy comes in, gets a few wins, gets a title quickly, then loses the belt and fades into the mid-card. Examples: Carlito, Shelton Benjamin, Jack Swagger, MVP. And before too long, Kofi Kingston will join that list. What’s next for Kofi? He’s already had a cup of coffee with the IC and Tag Titles. Where does he go after he loses the U.S. Title? The main event? I SERIOUSLY doubt that.

  • Wrestling/MMA GAWD!

    IMO WWE should make Ziggler Champion they need someone new like him having the IC title they need to start building up people like him i don’t care if Rey doesn’t want to lose the belt if he loses whats going to happen? nothing he’s still going to be a big name his merch is still gonna sell people are still gonna like him if Ziggler wins it brings him to a new level look what it did For Kofi Kingston this is what makes me mad about big name wrestlers not wanting to lose the title even though when they lose it there still just as big of a “star”

  • russ

    Misterio deserves the belt, and anyone who says he isn’t talented is an idiot. And saying Rey only got the World Title because Eddie died is an idiotic statement as well. Of course they put the belt on Rey because Eddie died!! How else should that storyline have ended!? besides, I am so tired of these stupid one month title reigns! The belts are almost meaningless anyways. Rey wanting to hold the IC title from an extended time is helping the prestige of the title as well. The more often the belt switches around, the less it means when someone wins it.

  • vide

    hey i believe that the rules should state that u get the title after u have earned it…bcos if it were like that..a lot of guys wouldn’t get the belt at a premature time..i feel rey should hold the belt bcos he has made money for the company and he deserves it…unlike ziggler who is only getting a push and has not work hard yet for the company…hell we dont even know if he is using wwe as a step stone to go into movies or music…anyways i feel that if ziggler keeps on proving himself…he would get it.

  • jaybee

    Rey only won the world title cuz Eddie died which is just stupid, and now I find out he pulled a hogan to stop Ziggler from getting the belt so he’s a little bitch.

  • Nate Deezel

    I’m glad we all agree that Ziggler is the shit right now, and Rey is just shit.

    Rey Mysterio has not impressed me a single time during his entire 7 year WWE run. He never should have been World Champion, and quite frankly he’s not good enough to be Intercontinental Champion now. I would just let him retire before people realize he’s no good.

  • JD

    I think Rey deserves the I.C. title for the terrible World Heavyweight Title run he had but then again, I don’t think he deserved to be World Champion just yet. Rey makes a much better underdog so I think having him chase Dolph for the belt would be a much more interesting scenario. I really hope that Ziggler pulls it off at Summerslam. It could be the start of some fresh new blood in the title scene.

  • jaybee

    Ziggler is young and talented and he more than deserves to win the belt, and he was supposed to if it werent for Rey whining and complaining.

  • Jason

    Rey does not belong in the HEAVYWEIGHT title hunt.

  • Me 2

    Yeah no shit dude, I’m sick of Rey always winning. He’s overrated, he never should of actually won the World HEAVYWEIGHT Title, what the fuck?

  • Me

    guess that kindof confirms he wont be winning it again, lame…i want ziggler with the title not boring mysterio.

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