Shaq Draws Huge Numbers for RAW, Cena vs. Miz Fails, WWF-WWE Ripped by Time

– In a article about the “Top 10 Worst Corporate Name Changes” (in response to news that Radio Shack will drop the Radio from its name), they list the WWF-to-WWE switch as number seven. Noting Linda McMahon’s explanation that the “E” better emphasizes the company’s entertainment value, the author writes, “The comment didn’t do much to stamp out persistent rumors that the fights are rigged — but hey, at least she was honest.”



– The latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter broke down the segment-by-segment ratings for last Monday’s RAW. Here are some notes:

* In addition to the main-event (which saw a 539,000 viewership increase for Shaquille O’Neal’s gig as a special enforcer), Triple H vs. Cody Rhodes was a strong performer for WWE. It added 467,000 viewers. Jack Swagger vs. Evan Bourne was also a surprisingly solid draw–it bumped the viewership up by 219,000.

* The Chavo Guerrero-Hornswoggle segment sent 394,000 viewers to other channels. Interestingly, despite featuring John Cena and being the final bout in the “Beat the Clock” series, the Cena-Miz match lost 87,000 viewers.

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