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Brock Lesnar reportedly telling WWE officials he doesn’t plan on re-signing

If you enjoy watching Brock Lesnar take his opponents to Suplex City in WWE then you might want to enjoy it while it lasts. Brock Lesnar has reportedly re-entered the USADA testing pool which could mean he is gearing up for another run in MMA. The former UFC champion popped dirty on a drug screen after his last fight in the octagon and received a stiff fine and a suspension. But new reports are saying Brock might be looking to get back into the eight-sided cage once again.

Pro Wrestling Sheet says Brock Lesnar has been telling WWE officials he has no intention of re-signing a deal with them once his current contract expires sometime after WrestleMania 34. This could be a ploy to get more money from Vince McMahon and Company but he could mean business.

Lesnar re-entering the USDA testing pool at this time would allow his suspension to run up before his WWE contract ends after Mania. If this was the case then WWE might need to cover their bases just in case they can’t get The Beast Incarnate to sign another deal with WWE.

At this point in the game, Brock Lesnar is one of WWE’s biggest assets and he’s been very protected. Samoa Joe made him look beatable, but in the end it only took one F5 to take the Samoan Submission Machine down. Brock could decide he wants to return to UFC and make a boat load of money for an even lighter schedule than he currently has. It could mean bad things to the overall scheme of things for WWE if they don’t at least hedge their bets.

If WWE started booking Brock Lesnar to appear weaker on television that might decrease his real estate, but it could also blow up in their faces. Because the fact is Brock Lesnar is going to be Brock Lesnar where ever he goes so he’ll always be able to secure a comfortable deal.

  • Darrin Tyler

    Oh please let this be true. I hate him so much, I hate him as a person and I hate him as a wrestler, if u want to call him a wrestler….

  • Dusty Carroll

    Who cares? I hope he doesn’t resign and drops oft the face of the earth!! He’s a waste of a good title!!

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    I really couldnt care less, sure hes a great atlete but brock only cares about brock.

    If hes meant to be WWE champion then maybe he should actually oh i dont know… SHOW UP? Not to mention hes pretty lazy and boring in the ring now in my opinion

    If youre meant to be the top guy representing the company, then ypu should make an effort. Remember the days when we hsd title defences on Sunday Night Heat, Raw or Smackdown?

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I knew it this WWE Unverlasial Championship run is his last one. I don’t think WWE has plan on resigning him either so who does he put over. I think he dropping the title at Summerslam.

  • Sparti Love

    This is the best news I’ve heard all year. I hope he doesn’t resign. WWE needed him 3-4yrs ago when there wasn’t as much talent but now there’s plenty so time to save the money and let Brock go

  • CC

    Lighter schedule .. ha ha ha.
    The guy does piss all in WWE. Only way he could have a lighter schedule in MMA is to have one match a year instead of the two he has in WWE.

  • TheFizPop

    That last paragraph man, the LOLs are real on this site!! Anybody wanting to work with Brock won’t give one damn how Brock has or will be be booked in fake fights! Only those scamming money (podcasters) from idiots who can’t think for themselves or those who are not playing with a full deck, take any notice of this weak/strong booking crap.

  • JC Bolden

    Oh (shrugs shoulders)