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Brodus Clay Tweets, News on the WrestleMania 30 Location and More

– Brodus Clay wrote the following on Twitter regarding reports that his character has been put on hold:

“Don’t believe the hater hype plant funk still in orbit ya dig!”

– NWA Hollywood star Nick Madrid has just completed his second two-day tryout with WWE in less than a month. Madrid is on WWE’s radar as he also worked the Anaheim RAW Supershow and Las Vegas SmackDown tapings last month.

– Regarding WrestleMania 29 being held in the New York area and how it affects WrestleMania 30, a WWE source indicates that WWE officials weren’t even considering the location for WrestleMania 30 yet. WrestleMania 29 was decided on based on the bid that WWE received from the State of New Jersey. Nothing is official for WrestleMania 30 yet and there’s no word if it will be held in New York City to keep with tradition.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • fuck yankee stadium …..let it hold in mets citi field!!!!!!!!!!! I READ VINCE IS A METS FAN

  • Ajd

    @TG HELLS YEA man. NOLA Deserves WrestleMania XXX. We played host to countless superbowls, sugar bowls, bayou classics, ncaa final fours, and concerts. Remember the all star weekend??? Then we redid the superdome and champions square.

  • Wrestlemania at Yankee Stadium would be pretty damn sick

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    if you have it in new york, yankees stadium would be the only venue big enough….

  • Sammo

    ^ Does Daniel think Vince reads this?

  • daniel

    come to Canada for WrestleMania 30

  • TG

    Can we get 30 in New Orleans? I remember the 2001 Royal Rumble here and 2009 Extreme Rules just too name which turned out to be great events.

  • bic boi

    Do a Wrestlemania in Chicago, they were an amazing crowd for Money in The Bank.

  • Jon

    It going to be in Dallas TX. Vince wants Cowboys Stadium to play host and he can’t get it this year or nxt year. But he can get it for a WM30.

  • Kyle


    That would be the final nail in the coffin

  • Loopy420

    WM30. Orlando Florida…… iMPACT Zone……. Book it!!!!!

  • Prince

    It would be pretty stupid to have 2 straight Wrestlemanias in the New York area.

  • Sammo

    Why not hold Wrestlemania 30 on Planet Funk?

  • Wm 30 shouldn’t be held anywhere else but msg

  • Gridge

    Wrestlemania is bigger than MSG. MSG doesnt hold enough people to make it a money event like it is now. 78k people in GA last year proved that the bigger the stadium, the more money WWE can make. And WWE beign a publicly traded company makes it even more important to make money.

    Cowboy Stadium next year?? Rogers Center (Skydome in Toronto)? Something BIG will only do. MSG should get the Royal Rumble or something.