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Elijah Burke spotted backstage at Smackdown Live

Elijah Burke, possibly better known as TNA’s D’Angelo Dinero, was backstage for Smackdown Live this week.

Burke made his debut for WWE back in 2006, appearing as a cornerman for his partner, Sylvester Terkay. This partnership was short-lived, as Terkay was released only six months after his main roster debut. From then on, Burke worked as a singles competitor until being released in 2008.

Burke had a better run in TNA, as “The Pope,” D’Angelo Dinero. While not capturing any titles, he made an impact, going head to head with TNA’s best between 2009 and 2013. He would later become a color commentator for the company in 2015, but left in 2017.

Burke tweeted a photo on¬†April 25, appearing with Smackdown Live’s Kofi Kingston.¬†Could we see the Pope return to the WWE soon?

  • MindTricked

    Hunh. That would be an interesting return. I’ve never actually seen him do his thing in TNA or wherever, aside from a clip here or there, but he seemed (from everything I’ve read) to have been really over… which is odd, ’cause now I’m learning he never had a title in those years. Pretty sure WWE “Creative” wouldn’t know what to do with him.

  • Darrin Tyler