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What Happened After Raw Went Off The Air, Cena’s Family Involved In Street Fight

Following the conclusion of Monday’s live Raw broadcast, John Cena referred to his earlier sports teams mentions and challenged CM Punk to a Street Fight. Punk came out and approached Cena outside the ring.

Midway through the bout, Punk grabbed the microphone and congratulated New York Yankees player Derek Jeter on his 3,000th hit. He hurled the television monitors from the announce table but was then hit by Cena with a microphone. Punk then struck Cena’s back with a chair.

Punk taunted Cena’s dad and wife at ringside, ultimately shoving elder Cena. Cena, Sr. punched Punk in response, sending him to the ring. Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment on Punk and covered him for the pinfall victory.

  • Raziel

    Isn’t Cena Sr a former wrestler and promoter?

  • John Cheesa

    I agree with Generic Troll–you rarely see the heel get the big closing moment nowadays. I remember some of the greatest segments in WWE history involving the heel standing tall/winning in the main event segment. For example, Triple H coming down to apparently help Austin on the Nov. 4, 2000 episode only to pound him with the sledgehammer and be revealed as the accomplice in Austin’s hit-and-run case. Kane lighting JR on fire back in 2003 is another example. We just don’t see those types of things much in this era of WWE, but I hope we do soon.

  • nick

    C M Punk will win! I said it last wk on here, and after Cena’s comments to Vince 2nite, I repeat myself ” Punk wins when Vince screws Cena”.
    Bring on the return of the good old days.

  • CC

    Well I think last nights show really started to show the fans arent as happy with the product as WWE thinks. Simple fact is, in Cena’s hometown, more people were supporting Punk than their hometown boy.
    It wasnt until the Red Soxx and Yankees comments that they booed Punk.
    I had to laugh at the end of the show with one guy trying to sing “Na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye” when the rest of the crowd was chanting CM Punk.

    Whats even funnier is how pathetic and childish Cena’s promo looked compared to the rant Punk had just been on.
    All that stupid shit with him saying they were like children and then the bit about having Vinces face on his shoes, just shows why so many people actually dislike Cena.

  • Treg

    actually scratch that.. Punk will win, but MITB winner will cash in and win the title back right after the match. Still predictable.. damn.. Crowd should be super hot though.

  • Treg

    I really love this build. Too bad I’m pretty sure Super Cena wins.. especially after reading what happened in this dark main event.

  • Starship Pain

    Same old shit: guys who aren’t wreslters can beat trained wrestlers with years of experience (remember Jericho taking a gordbuster from Snoop Dogg?) and then… SUPERCENA defeats evil… fuck! i can’t believe…

    Money in the Bank 2011: If Cena Wins, We Riot

  • Generic Troll

    @ML never bothered to research it but going off Punk’s word tonight, Boston is Cena’s hometown? that’d be why after the cameras stopped rolling they had him bury Punk, after all shows and at the end of all live performances the top faces always end up having a win, it leaves the crowd to go home happy, which I think is quite stupid as I’d love it and I know I’m not the only one if they left shows with big Heel wins at the end leaving you wanting to switch on next week. Gone are the days of Heels having lengthy title reigns and ending shows on top..

  • JIR

    personally this is Punks moment to shine work or not it looks like he his hitting some very sensitive buttons with McMahon

  • ML

    So even if more of the fans were liking Punk more than Cena they still have him get burried by Super Cena and his Super Family? Of course Cena is winning at MITB.

  • Long Rod Von HugenDong

    So… is Cena Sr also a Super Cena?

    In all seriousness, I hope this storyline with CM Punk goes somewhere, epic performance tonight, I guess it is because there is some truth to what he is saying

  • damn123

    they were really involved in that fight…