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Jericho Interview: Triple H Running WWE, WWE PG vs. PG-13, More

– Chris Jericho recently spoke with Slam Wrestling and here are some of the highlights:

Triple H taking over WWE:
“He’s going to take over the company. This isn’t the year 2000 anymore where he was trying to bury me. Nobody wants to be Bruce Hart, where he takes over Stampede Wrestling and goes out of business two years later after his father had it for 40 years.”

Returning to WWE:
“It could be two days down the road. I’m still a huge fan of the business. When it’s time to go back, I’ll go back.”

Favoring a PG-13 product:
“I think I did better in the PG-13 environment. It’s easier to get pops when you say, ‘ass.’ they’re going ‘tee-hee-hee, he said a swear word.’ I wasn’t really doing any swearing. I just go with the flow. If I have to do an X-rated environment, I’ll do that. And if it’s PG, I’ll do that.”

  • earthspirit38

    I would love it if Triple H took over. He is my favorite. I will rejoice when The Game takes over The Game (WWE).

  • slim

    Masterbating to “diva” magazines doesn’t count.

  • slim

    Oh and TomC why don’t you go grow some balls and whack yourself with metal chairs 200 days a yr. Oh right, you’re to busy with your “diva” girlfriend lol

  • slim

    @TomC Yeah, because that’s the wrestling you grew up watching and loved so much right? lol I highly doubt you’ll ever see chair shots to the head again in WWE. If you think you NEED blood and hardcore violence in wrestling you’ve already failed. Explains why you LOVE TNA so much though. Kurt blading himself every other match and what not. If you haven’t noticed, the blood and gore hasn’t helped TNA any. Vince reralized that a few years ago. The wrestling fan of 10 years ago is gone TomC. It’s a new generation of kids now. The product has to change with the audience. The product can’t stay “hardcore” just because a few internet geeks think it should. It’s just not sound business sense.

  • tomc2

    best in the roster hhh could’nt cary punks jock strap.hhh is more overratted than cena.

  • oxslangshoot

    triple h is washed up, hahaha your a funny cunt, he is the best on the roster now , he wouldn’t make punk piss and bert

  • @yechiel{israel} You forgot Hulk Hogan.

  • Symbiote

    Triple H trying to bury a wrestler that is more entertaining & can wrestle better then him?? I don’t believe it!!

  • TomC

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE . . . enuff with the “PG” crap already. Bring back chair shots, extreme matches and some blood now and then. GROW SOME BALLS.

  • charlie

    2000 i was five i love wrestling so much now im 16 and 5 year old in me would still love the old wwe then now

  • Nicholas G

    HHH is going to do just fine when he takes over the company. He has come along way since 2000. He is a student of the game and I feel many wrestling fans outside the internet are very happy that HHH is going to be running the WWE. I mean if you ask me rather have HHH running WWE right now than Hogan who is running TNA into the ground. Yeah it may be a cheap shot but it the truth. HHH has learn from Vince on how to put young talent over.

    I see Jericho back in WWE very very soon. No not at Wrestlmania I am afraid but before the year is out Jericho will be back in the WWE. Like he said he is not burned out from the WWE. He will be back soon.