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Plans for Taz and Samoa Joe, Styles-Morgan Series Gets Rave Reviews, More

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– The best-of-three series between AJ Styles and Matt Morgan that will finish on iMPACT over the next two weeks was said to be surprisingly good. The third and final match is said to be the longest but the best.

– Sources indicate that Bobby Lashley won’t be doing any hard matches with TNA until October. Lashley is trying to avoid injury as he’s got an upcoming MMA fight with the company that did the Ultimate Chaos event and he’s running a show in Denver. They were talking about doing Lashley vs. Tank Abbott but Abbott is fighting that same night in Birmingham so he’s out. Another name being talked about is Gary Goodridge. Lashley will start wrestling with TNA regularly after his next MMA fights.

– The current plan is to have Taz and Samoa Joe eventually turn back babyface with the idea that the whole thing was a scheme and they had actually outsmarted the Main Event Mafia.

  • Wrestling/MMA GAWD. Bow Down

    The Match Aj Styles and Morgan had for the best of Three series was amazing payperview quality can’t wait to see the other matches completely stole the show times like these where i feel sorry for WWE fanboys who refuse to watch TNA they are really missing on some good stuff even if the product isn’t always this good another thing im glad they want to make Joe and Taz face’s again but the only thing is i think they really need to come up with a better way to do it sounds too predictable nonetheless it’l be great to have joe face again but i wonder if he’ll still wear the paint towel and overall balck attire that he has been wearing when he turns face again

  • Jesse

    NWO, Mafia, whats the difference.

  • Jesse

    So, the whole Taz thing was a terrible idea. Putting them together was a decent idea, but also with the mafia, that was a bad move. That makes sence though bacause if Matt Morgan wins, he can take Joes spot. Thus keeping too many menbers in the NWO……oh sorry, I mean the Mafia.

  • mikarn

    glad to see Taz with his proper name . zzzzzzzzz

  • Shawn

    Agreed blahblah. TNA is not original in the least! The WWE product may be lacking right now, but it’s light years ahead of TNA. So far, the best ideas TNA has had were lame rehashed WCW storylines with now much older and less popular ‘rasslers. Honestly, I won’t even consider taking TNA seriously until they get a normal wrestling ring (they call it the “squared” circle for a reason) and start performing in front of actual, paying customers. Also, less reliance on the vets would be wise…. again, see: WCW.

  • blahblah

    Oh.. I did’t see that plan coming. This shows why TNA sucks.